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A Purr-fect Day to Show your Feline Love

Make sure you give your feline love this Saturday in celebration of International Cat Day.

Created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, August 8 is a day to educate cat owners and the public on caring for and protecting domestic and large wild cats.

The day is also the day people around the world spend quality time with their cats and work towards improving their welfare.

Uniting Cat Lovers

The day has now shaped into a celebration that unites cat lovers as they learn more about their beloved pets through various resources and events. The alteration came after the International Cat Care charity based in Wiltshire (England and Whales) took over as the new custodians in 2020.

This year’s theme is Be Cat Curious Training for Cats and their Humans because “95 per cent of cat owners want more advice on training their cat. With at least half saying they struggled to get their cat into the cat carrier,” stated the International Cat Care website.

Click on image to watch a cat battles with owner over window blinds.

Abundance of Cat Care Information Available

In line with the theme, from now until August 8, cat owners have the opportunity to sign up to receive emails with tips and tools for training your cat at home. In addition, on August 8, people can gain access to free online events, Q&As, podcasts, and videos by signing up on the International Cat Care website.

For those who wish to educate themselves at their own pace, International Cat Care has laid out a list of resources covering a wide variety of topics. In addition, a kitten booklet is available for free download written by iCatCare’s veterinary surgeons and behaviourists that guide pet owners through proper care.

Click on image to take BBC’s Which cat are you quiz?

The website noted “up to 92 per cent of cats will suffer from osteoarthritis or joint pain as they age,” so they have provided multiple resources covering the topic.

About International Cat Care

International Cat Care is a charity founded in 1958 to raise awareness on cat health and welfare. Their goal is to “enable and inspire people to understand cats’ individual needs and perspective, and to act in the interests of each cat’s welfare,” according to their website.

The three major focus points for the organization are cat care advice, cat care for veterinary professionals, and cat care for unowned cats.

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