Air Force Commander Announced Commanding and Senior Appointments 2023-2024

Above image: Lieutenant General Eric Kenny.

Royal Canadian Air Force Commander Lieutenant General Eric Kenny announced additional commanding officer and senior RCAF appointments for the annual posting season (APS).

“In addition to the appointments announced in CANFORGENs 183/22, 037/23 and 081/23, it is with great pleasure that I announce the following commanding officer and senior Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) appointments for the current annual posting season (APS),” noted CANFORGEN 158/23 C AIR FORCE 014/23.

This is the fourth announcement regarding RCAF unit appointments for the 2023 APS. The CANFORGEN noted as soon as other appointments are finalized, further announcements would be made.

Additional 2023 APS Appointments

  • a. JRCC Trenton OIC- Maj Mark Crivich
  • b. CMCC Trenton OIC – Maj Daniel Vanderbyl
  • c. 1 WG HQ CO – LCol Joel Maley
  • d. 439 CS SQN CMDT – Maj Yann Patoine-Bedard
  • e. 401 TAC F SQN CO – LCol Evan Sudul
  • f. 409 TAC F SQN CO – LCol Benjamin Switzer
  • g. CC VANDERBERG CO – LCol Philip Desmarais
  • h. 7 SPACE OPS SQN CO – LCol Alexandre Lacasse
  • i. 8 WG DWCOMD – LCol Jean-Francois Harvey
  • j. 16 WG DWCOMD – LCol Terrance Wong
  • k. CC NE A/D SECTOR – Det Comd – LCol Mark Wiseman
  • l. CC W A/D SECTOR – Det Comd – LCol Dale Campbell
  • m. 21 SQN – SQN CWO – CWO Brian Leonard
  • n. 3 WG OSS – SQN CWO – CWO Nevin Surette
  • o. 425 TAC F SQN – SQN CWO – Eric Blouin
  • p. 17 WG MSS – SQN CWO – CWO Robert Delaney
  • q. 1 CDN AIR DIV HQ – A4 CE CWO – MWO (P) Cory Gill
  • r. 1 CDN AIR DIV HQ – A4 LOG MAINT – MWO (P) Eric Jobin
  • s. 410 TAC F (OT) SQN – SQN CWO – CWO Dan Marlow
  • t. 401 TAC F SQN – SWO – MWO Jason Holloway

LGen Kenny congratulated the personnel.

Trusted to Serve

“These appointments reflect your significant contributions to the RCAF, and they carry with them a heightened degree of expectation of your personal and professional attributes. Our newly integrated proactive disclosure process confirmed you have the right character to accomplish our mission. Your first homework is to deeply comprehend the renewed CAF ethos: trusted to serve. You are to lead by example and embody the high level of trust Canadians, our government, and our Armed Forces personnel deserve,” LGen Kenny noted in the CANFORGEN.

The CANFORGEN noted that the appropriate career manager would coordinate with COMD 1 CAD, COMD 2 CAD, COMD 3 CSD OR COMD RAWC the change of command/relinquish command dates before releasing posting instructions.

“The RCAF is an agile, integrated and inclusive air and space force which can be relied on to achieve operational advantage. To that end, I depend on you to lead our aviators with integrity, courage and conviction. As you prepare to assume your critical leadership opportunities within the RCAF, I challenge each of you to think about how you will ensure that every member under your command can thrive and grow in a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment. I am confident that you are well prepared to succeed in this critical command responsibility”, stated LGen. in the CANFORGEN. “I look forward to the opportunity to articulate my personal views to you at a future RCAF unit command team orientation program (RUCTOP) session.”

“Individual posting and promotion messages, where applicable, will follow. I wish you every success throughout your tour,” noted the CANFORGEN

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