New Machine Guns for Canadian Armed Forces

On January 24, 2020, the Government of Canada announced the purchase of new machine guns for the Canadian Armed Forces. Defence Minister Harjit S. Sajjan announced the purchase of 3,626 new C6A1 FLEX General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMG) from Colt Canada.

To Support Training & Operations

As a result of wear and tear, the current C6 machine guns that were procured for use over three decades ago, are being replaced and removed from service. The announcement of new machine guns is to ensure that the CAF continues to possess modern and reliable weapons in order to successfully support training and operations.

The new guns purchased are to supplement the Government purchase of 1,148 machine guns acquired in 2017. These guns feature a durable polymer buttstock, as opposed to the current wooden style. As a way to help increase operational and tactical effectiveness, the guns allow soldiers to attach pointing devices and optical sighting systems.

Providing Modern Equipment

“This needed investment continues our government’s commitment to provide the Canadian Armed Forces with the modern equipment they deserve,” announced Minister Sajjan. “This purchase will provide the necessary tools to the women and men who serve, so they can do the important work we ask of them. As Strong, Secure, Engaged promised, our government continues to modernize military equipment for our troops.”

The acquisition of these new machine guns is to modernize, renew, and restore Canada’s military through the provision of effective equipment required for success in operations. The investment is thought to improve the Canadian Army’s training capability, as well as provide an advantage over any potential adversaries.

Scheduled for late this year

The initial deliveries of the new weapons are scheduled for late this year, with final deliveries anticipated for 2023.

The total value of this purchase is $96.97 million.

This includes the purchase of any related equipment such as cleaning and repair kits, spare parts, and slings to carry the machine guns.

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