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Journal Looking for Artwork for Cover

The Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health (JMVFH) is looking for pictures of visual art done by military personnel, Veterans, and their families, giving them a chance to see themselves represented in the journal.

“We typically feature photos of military members, Veterans and their families on the cover of our journal,” said Lacey Cranston, Managing Editor, Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health, Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR), “We wanted to change things up for our June 2022 issue and showcase the great artwork being created by this community.”

Winner Featured On Cover

This is an international opportunity, and any images they select will be put on the cover of the June 2022 edition or included in an interior photo spread.

Cranston noted that the goal in doing this is to give military members, Veterans, and their families the ability to display their talents.

“There are a lot of people in this community that create art, both professionally and recreationally, and we think it’s important to highlight and celebrate this creative dimension of their identities,” she added.

According to the JMVFH website, images of any visual art medium can be submitted.

People of all ages can enter submissions, and anyone submitting artwork does not have to be a professional artist. However, as Cranston mentioned, they would love to see submissions from people of all ages, especially from children.

There isn’t a specific theme the artwork needs to fall under. “We didn’t want to limit this to just depictions of military themes,” said Cranston, “We wanted to give them an opportunity to showcase whatever it is that they do.”

Family-Friendly Artwork

With no theme, there are still guidelines for what can be submitted. All artwork needs to be family-friendly and in good taste. Anything that is sexually explicit, obscene, or in any other way objectionable or inappropriate will not be used.

For artwork to be considered, it must have been created by a serving military member, Veteran, or their immediate family members. As defined on the website, immediate family includes parents, siblings, significant others, children, grandparents, or grandchildren who are connected to a serving military member or Veteran by birth, adoption, marriage, civil partnership, or cohabitation.

Deadline for Artwork

Submissions can be sent to the JMVFH Managing Editor here,  no later than December 31, 2021. JMVFH is asking people to the subject line: Visual artwork submission.

When submitting artwork, it is important that people submit only one photo per art piece. Otherwise, it will not be considered in the selection process. People can, however, submit images of up to three different art pieces.

“All artwork must be original, and the person submitting the image of the artwork to JMVFH for consideration must be the creator and sole owner/copyright holder of the artwork (or their parent or guardian, in the case of artists under the age of 18),” the website informed.

Copyright Information

For more information on copyright, visit here.

As outlined on the website, all artwork submitted needs a caption and/or credit.

Participants Needed

They will require the following information:

    • Name of the artist.
    • City (optional), region or state (optional), and country where artwork was created.
    • Connection to the military (serving member, Veteran, family member).
    • If applicable, country of service, rank (past or present), branch/element, trade.
    • Medium of artwork.
    • Description of artwork (meaning, inspiration, context in which art was created, etc.).
    • Image credit (if someone other than the artist took the image, i.e., professional photographer)
    • For more information on image specifications and terms of use, visit here.


The Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health is the official, peer-reviewed scholarly journal of the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research.

It aims to maximize the mental and physical health, and social well-being, of military personnel, Veterans and their families, by publishing world-class research to a broad international and multidisciplinary readership of researchers, health practitioners, administrators, community members, and policymakers.

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