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Gratitude this Thanksgiving

This is the first weekend our family has been home and together in over a month. Since the fall issue of the magazine was published members of our team, including my family, have been on the road every weekend attending events and exhibits where we met with military families and introduced them to the magazine.

During the month of September we were at events in Toronto, Kingston, Petawawa, Ottawa and Farnham, Quebec.

I admit, when we published the first magazine this summer we weren’t sure where we were going with the magazine. We wondered if military families would be interested in a magazine dedicated to their lifestyle, if we could find military family members who would volunteer their time and talents, and lastly would advertisers see the value of advertising in military lifestyle magazine.

As Thanksgiving approaches I would be remiss to not mention the gratitude I have for our team, the military community and the advertisers, all of who are supporting the magazine. As we continue to move forward people are purchasing subscriptions, and businesses continue to purchase ad space. Plus, I continue to receive numerous compliments about our latest issue: the quality of our writers, the informative content and the layout of the magazine.

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I am grateful how our team pulled together quickly to ensure timelines were met for the last issue. While putting it together I was in the throes of working at the paper 10 days straight when my beloved Macbook decided to go rogue and quit working. I have since learned when your computer leaves a file error message on your screen, indicating that it failed to backup your files, it could mean the computer’s files are corrupt and it has not backup in months -10 months to be exact.

After numerous attempts to get four years of my work (and life) off my computer I realized there was nowhere to go but forward, working on our Holiday Issue, which is coming out later this month. However, this weekend I am taking a break and plan to (try and) spend quality time with my family and friends.

With euchre games scheduled on Saturday and Sunday nights and our oldest daughter coming home for the weekend, along with my father-in-law visiting it is sure to be busy, but I have hanging out, resting (I hope) and enjoying the long weekend on my to-do list.

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