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Military family wins, welcomes and travels with giant plush unicorn

A giant plush Unicorn made its way from Toronto, Ontario to Shilo, Manitoba thanks to Natalie Pohjolainen.

 During a six-week family vacation in Ontario, Nicole’s husband, Sgt. Krister Pohjolainen met her and their family during his leave from his deployment to Latvia. While on holidays Krister won a giant unicorn at Canada’s Wonderland.

 “It was a deal. My husband said he would play the ball toss game if she (their daughter) would go on one of the smaller roller coasters with him. She agreed,” explained Natalie. “So 10 minutes before closing, he tossed his last ball toward the milk-can, and it bounced five times around the rim before dropping in. Truly a movie moment. Everyone was screaming.”

 Not knowing what to do with the oversized plush toy, Nicole posted a photo on the Canadian Military Spouse Facebook page asking for help to return it to their home in Shilo, MB.

 “Originally, I had asked if anyone was posted from Southern Ontario to Shilo and could take it with them. Someone commented about taking photos of it on the road, and after mentioning it to my husband, the idea was born,” said Natalie.

 The unicorn has its own Instagram account that already has more than 350 followers.

 Nicole and her family have been making stops along their journey home, stopping at the Pickled Pig and the Smith Falls Detached Lock.

 The unicorn, named Rainbow Snocone belongs to the Pohjolainen’s daughter and will stay somewhere in their PMQ, although she doesn’t know where yet.

 They are hoping to continue to document Rainbow Snocone’s adventures when they return home.

 “She’s definitely part of the family now, we’ll just have to see where and when we can do stuff with her,” said Natalie.

 You can follow Rainbow Snocone and her adventures on Instagram.

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