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Integral Systems Tech running for environment

Green Party candidate for the riding of West Nova, Clark Walton’s twenty-six-year career in the Canadian Armed Forces allowed him the opportunity to work on aircrafts such as  CF-18 Hornet and the T-133 T-Bird.

Walton joined the military in 1986 as an Integral Systems Tech first posted to CFB Greenwood. He served in Cold Lake as part of 410 Sqn, CFB Shearwater where he trained on the CF 144 Challenged and the T-Bird, and he moved with 434 Schooner Sqn to Greenwood in 1995. In 2000, 434 Sqn was closed, so he moved to 14 AMS. Later, he also had the opportunity to train on the Sea King in 12 AMS maintenance in Shearwater. Walton rounded off his career in JPSU Halifax.

After retiring from the military in 2012, Walton was inspired to pursue higher education and graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration from Mount Saint Vincent University in 2014. A few months after graduating Walton decided to embark on a career in politics. Believing this was the way he could “most benefit others and still have a way of serving my country.”

“I was inspired to run for MP because I saw that current and past governments have not made any great improvements and were ignoring the environmental issues which have been apparent since the 1990’s.

Employment in the West Nova riding has been declining along, and with the aging demographic has left economic value in the area lacking. We have people in West Nova that want to work and provide for their families, yet they are finding in more and more difficult to do so,” said Walton.

As member of the Green Party, Walton believes the elections could be the breakthrough the Green Party needs to have enough members in Parliament to make a difference for the good of all Canadians.

“The main structural difference between the other parties and us is the fact that we do not have a party whip. Green Party MP’s are able to vote for their constituents even if it is against party policy. This is part of the work ethics that drew me to the Green Party. MP’s are supposed to work for their constituents,” explained Walton.

Walton is father of two and currently resides in Paradise, Nova Scotia.

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