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Former army commander driven to continue to serve

A general with a decorated 35-year career in the military, Andrew Leslie the Liberal Party candidate for the riding of Orleans, is an expert in the matters of defence, foreign affairs and security.

Leslie began his 35-year career in 1977 as a reservist in the 30th Field Artillery Regiment in Ottawa. Just a few years later, he transferred to regular forces and became an artillery officer. During his career, Leslie completed several UN and NATO missions to Germany, Cyprus, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. Domestically, he was part of the disaster relief effort in the floods caused by the 1998 Quebec ice storm.

In 2006, Leslie became the Chief of the Land Staff, Army Commander until 2010. In this position, he was responsible for 57,000 military and public service personnel. In 2011, he was appointed the Chief of Transformation until his retirement later that year.

Out of the numerous awards Leslie has received to recognize his career the most notable include the Order of Military Merit, the Meritorious Service Cross, the Meritorious Service Medal, the General Campaign Star and the Queen Elizabeth Diamond and Jubilee Medal.

After the end of a momentous career in the military, Leslie worked as a senior vice president of a Canadian information technology corporation. In 2013, he founded his own consulting firm. Though he had left the military, his passion for service remained with him and he was later introduced to Justin Trudeau and his team. Leslie was asked to become the co-chair for the International Advisory Committee.

“We had a responsibility in helping to shape foreign affairs, defence, international trade, international aide, veteran’s affairs and other areas. But I felt like I could contribute more than being a part-time, after-hours advisor and decided to run in the riding of Orleans and I’ve been doing that full time for the past two years,” said Leslie.

Leslie had found a new way to serve his country through his political ambitions.

“I believe in public service. I believe I have a debt which I owe to our society and I don’t think my time to help Canadians is over. I also believe I have a debt which I owe to those wonderful veterans that have served and the troops that are still serving. I would like to do more to help the community of Orleans and Canada itself,” stated Leslie.

Leslie believes his party has what it takes to improve the condition of veterans.

“I also am delighted with Mr. Justin Trudeau’s support for veterans and very happy with the new veteran’s policy we released. It addresses so many of the issues that have been out there now for nine years. I am absolutely thrilled with the level of support for veterans within the Liberal Party,” noted Leslie.

Leslie hopes his party can bring about positive change for the CAF.

“In the cycle of governments ten years is a long time. I believe it’s time for a change.  I think the Liberal Party has good ideas and enormous amount support towards vets and CAF,” stated Leslie.

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