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5 Ideas to do Before Deployment Ends

The countdown is coming to a close! Your loved one is returning home from deployment, and whether it has been three weeks, three months or a year, taking the time to be organized and rested, if possible, will pay off in spades. Although reintegrating as a family can be challenging, here are five ideas to do before your loved one returns. 

1: Make Room

Depending on how long your loved one has been deployed, one tip is ensuring there is space for them when they return. If you have the luxury of time, you can organize and tidy spare areas in your home. Leaving room for your loved one helps them to re-establish themselves in the house. Of course, we aren’t talking about the garage or shed – unless that is where your family keeps the military kit. 

2: Hide Notes 

One way to let your loved one know they were missed is to hide notes around the house, sharing with them all the things you missed about them while they were away. You can also create and hide messages, noting what you love about them. This might be an excellent reminder for you too. 

3: Memory Box

Put together a memory box. If you have kept track of how you and your family has spent time while your loved one has been away, this is a great time to put together a “memory box.” Your box can contain crafts, photos, ticket stubs or brochures. You can spend the day your partner returns going through it. If you have children, this is a fantastic way for them to reconnect with their parent that has been away. 

4: The Day Deployment Ends

If you have the time, plan your week so you can spend the day your loved one arrives home to take it easy. Your loved one may be tired from travelling. Hence, it is beneficial if one person is grounded and can make decisions confidently. If you find the time goes by slowly, maybe grab a coffee with a friend or have a friend over for a cuppa. The key is to spend time doing something that brings you joy so you are not frazzled or upset. 

5: Send an Email

Create a bulk emailing list and email to let people know that your family member is safely home. Let your family and friends know you will get in touch with them when things settle down. Remember to take time as a family to adjust back to family life.

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Megan Egerton

Megan Egerton is a military wife, mother of two, principal and writer. Author of While You Were Away:101 Tips for Families Experiencing Absence or Deployment

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