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Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Health theme for annual Animal Health Week

Celebrated from October 6th till 12th, 2019, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association hosts Animal Health Week. Over the past 30 years, Animal Health Week has focused on a variety of health-related messages as the central topic.

CVMA President, Dr. Melanie Hicks, explained, “proper nutrition can set the stage for our animals to live healthy lives. Eating a balanced diet is as important for our pets, livestock, and other animals as it is for us.”

This year’s theme is Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Health is aimed at encouraging pet owners to seek professional veterinary advice regarding animal nutrition.

This includes information on what to feed their pets, as well as how much food to give them based on species, age, and overall health.

“Weight control and management are essential to increase the length of pets’ lives,” added Dr. Hicks. “Excessive weight can exacerbate illness, cause disease, and make it difficult to diagnose ongoing health issues. Healthy and physically fit pets tend to live longer, happier lives.”

During Animal Health Week 2019, the CVMA is reminding all animal owners that:

  • Optimal nutrition is vital for an animal’s optimal health and well-being.
  • Each diet must be tailored for the species, breed, age, and health status of an animal.
  • Controlling portion size is very important – obesity is the leading cause of illness and premature death in overfed animals.
  • There must be an appropriate balance of essential nutrients present in all animal diets.
  • Contacting your local veterinary team will give you the correct advice on specific types and amounts of food your animal needs.

For more information on this year’s Animal Health Week please visit the CVMA website.

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