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National Pet Day: Celebrating animals that give people a purpose 

On Aprill 11, pet owners around the world will celebrate their pets and the significant impact they’ve had on their owner’s lives.

Often times, pet’s play a different sort of role in their owner’s life. Not only giving companionship, but also providing emotional and physical support. As is the case for Master Warrant Officer Richard Davey.

Davey has been in the military for 33 and a half years, serving eight tours overseas, three of those to Afghanistan and once to Rwanda. Four years ago, Davey was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.) 

“I read about how service dogs have assisted with others in the same condition as me and the incredible assets that they are proven to be,” said Davey. 

Shortly after being diagnosed with PTSD, a dog belonging to his friend had given birth to a litter of puppies. Having known of Davey’s interest, his friend had given him first pick, and that’s how he came to meet his furry companion, Sabot (pronounced Sa-boh.)

“She gave me a purpose to get up in the morning and be more involved,” said Davey. “She gave me a smile, kisses and a very friendly tail wag. Regardless of how my day was, I can’t help but feel more positive.”

Sabot is more than just a service dog to Davey, she’s his companion. Davey adds he has yet to do something special with Sabot on National Pet Day, but he likes to show her every day how special she is to him.

“She and I are inseparable, and it’s very obvious if you were to meet us, that she is my puppy,” said Davey. “Every day she has been in my life has proven to be very special.”

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Miranda Brumwell

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