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International Cat Day: Puuurr-fect day to show your cat some love

The world may feel a little less stressful on August 8: International Cat Day, as it is said that petting a cat helps to reduce stress, and for all the cat lovers out there, it’s an excellent opportunity to give your little fur-ball some extra loving. It has been recognized since 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. World Cat Day is celebrated on February 17th in parts of Europe and on March 1st in Russia.

“I spend almost all my days with them, they give me lovings, and I give it right back. All three spend time on my chair with me, Charlie (10) sleeps right beside my head, Elsa (3) is always under the covers behind me, and Anna (7) sleeps by my feet,” said Dave Genereux, cat owner, and retired military.

All three of Genereux’s cats are rescues, and while he also enjoys dogs and has had them in the past, he said with his mobility issues, cats are easier for him to care for and they provide the same love and companionship a dog would. Much like dogs, Genereux said each of his cats has their personalities and quirks.

“Charlie, the king, rules the roost, Anna is like a little old lady puttering about the house, and we call Elsa the Grey Ninja, she always has her eye on you even when you can’t see her,” Genereux laughed. “Morning coffee is my favourite time with them, I get my coffee, and they each get a little bowl of cream.”

Collectively, they’ve been a part of Genereux’s family for almost 11 years, and August 8 will be no different from any other day with his furry friends, except on International Cat Day, Genereux said he’ll be giving some extra cuddles and maybe an extra treat.

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