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Help Design a Canadian Bank Note

The Bank of Canada announced it is inviting Canadians to comment on the principles that guide the design of the country’s bank notes. The consultation, which will take place until November 10, 2014 is an unprecedented way for Canadians to contribute to the design of future bank note series.
The Bank wants to include Canadian’s input at every stage of the design process. “In 2014, the Bank of Canada undertook a review of the processes used to select and design the visual content of its polymer bank notes. The review recommends more input from a greater number of Canadians throughout the design process. The current online survey and future public consultations will provide valuable input,” said Josianne Ménard, Media Consultant, Bank of Canada. A series of bank notes is a unique opportunity to represent and reflect Canada. Each series depicts new visual content so that over time, the diversity of Canadian society, culture and achievements are celebrated. Bank notes promote Canada and Canadian values, culture, history, traditions, achievements and natural heritage. Further, they are clearly identifiable as Canadian through the use of symbols, words or images.
The Bank’s mandate is to issue quality bank notes that are secure against counterfeiting and readily accepted as a means of payment. Principles such as security, accessibility and bilingualism are necessary because they are mandated by law or require considerable technical expertise. “However, in order to reflect Canada in a bank note series that has broad appeal, the Bank needs to hear from Canadians. Now more than ever, Canadians wish to be consulted on matters that affect them. The Bank recognizes we need more input,” said Ménard.
The Bank will conduct more representative consultations using a variety of approaches, both qualitative and quantitative and by leveraging new technology, where appropriate. “We are inviting Canadians to contribute ideas toward the selection of bank note images through our survey. We want to ensure that a representative cross-section of Canada’s population has an opportunity to provide feedback. The Bank will also consult with Canadians to determine their appetite for changes in the established conventions regarding bank note design,” said Ménard. Bank notes are meaningful to Canadians today and for years to come, should evoke pride and confidence in Canada, and should have a broad appeal. “Your comments are integral to the creative process that will be used to design future series of our Canadian bank notes. Please complete the survey before November 10, and a summary report will be published before the end of the year.”
Participate in the online survey by visiting Principles for Bank Note Design

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