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Easter Theme Care package

Today I wanted to spend some time and touch base on everything care packages 🙂

With him being gone for 7-8 months, I decided to do around 4-5 care packages for the whole tour and spread them out as I found that it took about 2 months to get from Canada to where he is currently located.

*Below are some ideas for holiday-inspired packages depending the time of year they are away for.

  •  Birthday;
  •  Christmas and New Years;
  •  Valentine’s Day;
  •  St. Patty’s Day;
  •  Easter;
  •  Spring into action;
  •  Jump into Summer;
  • Canada Day;
  • Fall in love (Thanksgiving-inspired);

Here is what I created for his Easter Care package.

This particular one was a fun package to create as I got to pick out all our favourite Easter inspired candies and got to have fun with all the colours and make it as bright as possible.

Photo: Gabby Comeau
I realized after sending the first care package that using a big box can get challenging to fill, specifically with items that won’t necessarily be coming back with him. I tried to pack items such as fun little games, magazines and snacks that he can share with others while there and/or leave behind at the end of tour or throw out.

I find that creating the care packages is as much for the person sending as it is for the person receiving. If possible, when your loved one receives their care package, schedule a Facetime or Skype meeting to open it together!

Photo: Gabby Comeau


The fun aspect of a post such as this one is that you can take any of these ideas and recreate them even if you don’t have a deployed member. You can use them in a long-distance relationship, if you have a child away for school, as well as thoughtful gifts instead of purchasing a bag or plain box for a present, make a care package for a loved one:)

If you are not sure of what address to use to send your care package, here is a link with all the current operations addresses.


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