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Canada Post to launch free parcel service to deployed CAF Personnel

For the fifteenth consecutive year, Canada Post will provide free regular parcel services for family and friends of deployed Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members from October 13, 2020, till January 8, 2021.

Parcels will be delivered free of charge from any Canada Post retail outlet to designated CAF bases, which will be forwarded through the CAF postal system to CAF members overseas.

Additionally, Canada Post will also continue to provide free delivery of letters (under 500 grams) to deployed troops until December 31, 2021.


Christmas Care Package |  
Sports Care Package |

Deployment Hockey Box
Movie Night Care Package |

Wife/Mom/Sister/Daughter/Aunt away? Try a “Chick Flick” Deployment Box!
Love You Latte Care Package |



    This offer is restricted to those operations served by the following addresses:

    Halifax NS B3K 5X5
    Belleville ON K8N 5W6 and
    Victoria BC V9A 7N2

    Additional mailing guidelines are available at Write To The Troops website found at ref a here.



    To ensure the proper customs declaration forms and correct addressing info is included, all letters and parcels must be deposited at a Canada Post retail outlet. Mail deposited in street letterboxes will not be delivered.

    IAW ref b, the use of CAF postal services for the purpose of shipping charitable goods/humanitarian aid, is not authorized.

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