Operation Proteus designated Special Duty Operation

Operation PROTEUS has now been designated as a Special Duty Operation to allow Veterans of the tour to qualify for the Veterans Well-Being Act.

According to the recently released CANFORGEN 026/23, on Sept. 16, 2022, the Minister of National Defence approved the new designation. The designation is in effect retroactively from May 15, 2005.

About OP Proteus

Op PROTEUS is Canada’s contribution to the Office of United States Security Coordinator. Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members serving as part of this operation are part of Canada’s task force in Jerusalem.

The aim of Task Force Jerusalem, according to the Department of National Defence, is to help the Palestinian Authority Security Forces build their capacity.

The CAF members on this task force provide training, assist with logistics and “support the development of training programs.”

Veterans Well-being Act

The Veterans Well-being Act aims to recognize and fulfil the obligation of the people and Government of Canada to show just and due appreciation to members and veterans for their service to Canada.

“This obligation includes providing services, assistance and compensation to members and veterans who have been injured or have died as a result of military service and extends to their spouses or common-law partners or survivors and orphans. This Act shall be liberally interpreted so that the recognized obligation may be fulfilled,” stated the Veterans Well-being Act.

Office of USCC

The Office of USCC was established in 2005 by the U.S. Secretary of State. It includes militaries from other countries, such as the Netherlands, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

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