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Two Canadian cities place in Top 20 Best Cities to Live for Generation Z

A new study out of Germany has revealed the best cities for Generation Z around the world.

Released by, an on-demand housing platform, Toronto landed among the top 5 best cities, with London, UK ranking number one.

Based on research done by the Pew Research Centre, those born between 1997-2012 are considered to be members of the Gen Z population due to their common social, political, and technological circumstances.

“Taking a values-centric approach to this study, we looked into which cities around the world best understand, advocate, and embody the principles Gen Z-ers prioritise,” commented Ömer Kücükdere, founder and CEO of “Interestingly, despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the high of living, our research has found that London ranks first overall. Adding on to the advantages of a weakening pound, London has shown how it is at the forefront of digitalization, advocacy, entertainment, and business. Brexit or not, London has the foundations to continue magnetizing Generation Z in the long-term.” conducted the study by providing a shortlist of prominent, international cities based on their reputation as destinations in regards to work and education, as well as those who have shown initiative to act on the demands of previous generations.

With the choice of 110 cities, the final result is an index composed of 22 indicators ranking them based on their recognition of, and their initiatives to prepare for this new, up-and-coming generation.

Toronto ranked number 4 out of the 110 cities.

The Canadian city scored high with 86.2 out of 100. The score was based on a variety of categories including:

  • Government Digitalization
  • Education
  • Privacy & Security
  • Internationalism
  • Environmental Action
  • Right to Protest, Esports
  • Affordability,
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • AI industry.

Montreal was also included on the list, coming in as the 15th best city in the world for Gen Zers.

“Many of us remember a time when the job market was booming or when using a single-use plastic bag didn’t give you a guilty conscience,” commented Kücükdere. “For Generation Z, however, being concerned about the economic and environmental future was something conditioned from birth. For this new, evolving demographic, the ubiquity of issues ranging from climate change to growing up through a global economic crisis has made them so fundamentally distinct. To continue attracting talented, young individuals, public officials need to take legitimate action to address their concerns before they risk losing them. We hope this study calls upon legislators and private entities to meet their demands and create a more secure, sustainable, and progressive framework moving forward.”

To get more information about this study, and other cities included, visit the Nest Pick website.






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