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Sexual Assault Review Program announced

The Canadian Forces Provost Marshal (CFPM) Brigadier-General Simon Trudeau is officially announced this week, the launch of the Sexual Assault Review Program (SARP). This program will see the implementation of an open and transparent case review of unfounded sexual assault files investigated by the Military Police. 

SARP will assemble an external review team that will include the participation of stakeholders and representatives of the civilian community, DND and CAF. The review team will also have a victim advocate from Ontario, a victim service and support representative from the Sexual Misconduct Response Center (SMRC), a civilian prosecutor, a sexual assault nurse examiner with the Canadian Forces Health Services, a member of the RCMP and a member of the Canadian Forces National Investigative Service (CFNIS).

“The Sexual Assault Review Program will provide another means by which the Canadian Forces Military Police continue to enhance the professional police service being provided to the DND/CAF community. It also ensures that our sexual assault investigative standards are to the highest levels,” says Brigadier-General Trudeau.

The External Review Team will conduct an annual review of all unfounded sexual assault investigations from the previous year. They will report their findings to the CFPM and make recommendations towards the conduct of the investigations, identifying policy, training and best practice proposals for consideration. 

Frontline Military Police remain a key part of the investigative process as they are often the first point of contact for victims and complainants. The primary task in those situations is to support and protect the victim.

The team will hold their first meeting this December in Ottawa. They will undergo orientation training and commence their review of 179 unfounded sexual assault investigative files from 2010 to 2016.

Any member who has experienced or witnessed harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour of any kind in the Canadian Armed Forces has a range of options available to him or her. For more information regarding available services, please visit Operation HONOUR website.

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