Major force contributors to the Global Coalition to defeat ISIS meet

Yesterday, Minister Sajjan concluded a productive morning meeting with the major force contributors to the Global Coalition to defeat ISIS, co-hosted alongside the United States Secretary of Defence, James N. Mattis.

The meeting provided a valuable opportunity to share the latest updates regarding the Coalition’s ongoing military operations against Daesh in Iraq and Syria and to take stock of recent progress in the region. Additionally, discussions also focused on the tasks and challenges ahead for the Coalition in adapting to ensure conditions are set for the last defeat of Daesh. 

During the meeting, Minister Sajjan reiterated that Canada remains fully committed to working with our Coalition allies. Canada’s whole-of-government approach incorporates military efforts alongside diplomatic, humanitarian and development ones. This includes enhancing institutional capacity of Iraqi security forces to fight terrorism, as well as stabilize and secure areas liberated from Daesh.

“Today, we reaffirmed our focus on the enduring defeat of ISIS’s own network of foreign terrorist fighters, financing, and propaganda. Moving forward, the Coalition’s continued collaboration and partnership remains crucial, and the strategic advice and direction provided during this morning’s meeting will be essential in shaping our next steps toward winning this fight,” said Defence Minister Harjit S. Sajjan after the meeting. 

Canada’s military has consistently contributed to multinational operations to deter terrorism, defend human rights, and act as a force for good in the world. To this end, Canada is committed to working hand-in-hand with our Coalition partners to counter violent extremism and help restore peace and security to Iraq and the surrounding region. 

In July 2018, Prime Minister Trudeau announced Canada will assume the command of a new NATO training and capacity building mission in Iraq for one year, starting in November 2018. This leadership role will complement Canada’s existing efforts in the global coalition and Canada’s ongoing commitments towards creating a safe and stable Iraq. 

In addition, Minister of National Defence Harjit. S. Sajjan and the United States Secretary of Defence James N. Mattis released the following statement, “With 79 members, the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS is stronger than ever in its efforts to counter the ISIS threat.

 Our Coalition has liberated more than 99 percent of the territory it once held, but there is still work to be done.
“Today, we reaffirmed our focus on the enduring defeat of ISIS and defined our vision moving forward.

 As the ISIS threat evolves globally, we will adapt. We will leverage and employ our considerable capabilities and the experience gained in our collective fight to ensure the lasting defeat of ISIS.

“We will continue to adapt and strengthen our global network to counter ISIS’s own network of foreign terrorist fighters, financing, and propaganda.

To do this, we have built a network to defeat a network.

“Our fight against ISIS will remain challenging, but the Coalition is drawing on all elements of our power – military, intelligence, diplomacy, economic, law enforcement and the strength of our communities.

 We are confident that we will prevail in defeating ISIS. We stand with people across the world who seek a better and safer future.”

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