At this time we are looking for volunteer writers who know about the military life and able to contribute an article once a year to twice a month. The CF community is a lively and vibrant community with activities, events and initiatives happening on bases and wings across the country.

Below you will find our sections, feel free to pitch us an idea or to contact us and we can find a worthy topic for you to write about. Your article will be featured on our website and in our Ezine, plus on all our social media sites.

Submission Guidelines
We are looking for writers and photographers who are related to a military member – serving or retired and serving and retired military members.

We suggest that freelancers familiarize themselves with the content of our magazine before sending us a query. Check out Ubiquitous Sections before pitching an idea. Keep in mind that the purpose of Ubiquitous is to empower, educate and enhance military families’ lives; hence every article that we publish needs to have at least one of these components – if not all.

Note: that we do not publish fiction or poetry at this time.

When submitting an article idea:

  • Send us a brief summary of your proposed article. Include the topic of your article, how many words and your sources.
  • When emailing your story please put article submission in subject line.

Ubiquitous Sections

Home Base
Relationships, homes, recipes and pets are the focus of our Home Base section. Readers looking for ideas and solutions to running a “tight ship” need not look any further.

Travelling on this road of life there are many “waypoints” – stops along the way to get to your destination. Check out our Waypoints section for ideas when it comes to your career and travel destinations.

Keeping the Balance
When it comes to life it is important to ensure that all areas of it are balanced – body, mind and soul. Keeping the Balance features articles that give you guidance and direction to do just that.

Line of Duty
The military lifestyle has no age. Whether our readers are retired members, members who are retiring, current members serving or our reader grew up in the military lifestyle – the Line of Duty section highlights how the CF changes lives.

Military 411
The Military 411 section has ideas, picks and tips from our readers and our team that are designed to keep military families informed, simplify their lives and share their experiences with other families.

CF Neighbourhood
The CF Neighbourhood is an interactive and informative area where we welcome all of those who feel they are a part of the CF Neighbourhood. Participate and lead discussions, submit community events and tell us about worthwhile organizations which support our troops.

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