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Centre aiming to be one-stop shop for dealing mental health concerns

An innovative facility helping individuals who are facing a wide range of mental illnesses, the Trauma Healing Centers have grown by leaps and bounds in the past year thanks to their recent partnership with the Canadian Back Institute (CBI). To-date the centres have assisted close to 3,000 individuals.

The partnership with CBI has helped the Trauma Healing Centers to achieve their mission across a wider spectrum.

“It allows us to offer way more services than we could ever think of before.  It’s a great partnership, and it allows us not only to do that, but it also allows us to open more clinics across the country now,” said Trev Bungay, vice president veteran relations.

Earlier this year, a new facility was opened in Moncton, NB and plans are in the work to open a second location in Halifax, NS.

“Our goal is to have a clinic in every province in the next year to two years, depending on how fast we can move along with CBI,” noted Bungay.

The Trauma Healing Centers are geared towards individuals,  veterans, military members, civilians, first responders and their families, who are suffering from various trauma and dealing with mental health concerns like PTSD, depression, and even cancer. The organization takes a multidisciplinary approach allowing various healthcare professionals, such as a physician, psychologist, massage therapist and dietician, to care for patients under one roof.

The partnership with CBI has helped to “boost their services tenfold, ” and they can now offer services like physiotherapy and aqua therapy.

Other services for patients include telemedicine services, assessing the need for alternative treatments such as medical marijuana and helping veterans navigate paperwork for Veterans Affairs. They also have services like peer support for caregivers to combat compassion fatigue.

However, the partnership has meant much more than that for the Trauma Healing Centers, according to Bungay.

“More clients now are leaning towards trying Trauma Healing Centers because we are now partnered with CBI. It gives us a legitimacy across the country,” noted Bungay.

It’s also helped the centres to recruit more doctors.

Other additions are on the horizon for the centres as well including the start of a new podcast where people can send in questions and have them answered by medical professionals. The Trauma Healing Centers also offer an educational portion on mental health.

The bottom line, through this partnership, is the hope that the Healing Centers can help even more assist Canadians across the country with any mental health concerns they might have.

“There are people out there that I know are scared of the stigma of mental health issues and of losing their jobs but if somebody is out there that needs help, please reach out and get help. The longer you wait, the worse it gets and the harder it gets to recover. If you nip it in the bud we can really get you back on your feet,” said Bungay.

To learn more about the Trauma Healing Centers visit their website.


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