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Canadian Army launches new program to increase resilience and well-being of soldiers and loved ones

Realizing that military life is demanding for both members and their families, the Canadian Army recently launched the Canadian Army Integrated Performance Strategy (CAIPS) to increase the resilience and well-being of soldiers and their loved ones.

“The Canadian Army is committed to supporting all military personnel and their families, as they work together to build an army that is strong, proud, and ready. The Canadian Army Integrated Performance Strategy will help ensure all members have the tools, guidance, and training needed to improve their performance, health, and fitness to ensure the Canadian Army is ready and resilient,” said Lieutenant-General Marquis Hainse, Commander Canadian Army.

At the heart of this new strategy is the “Mission: Ready” website. The website is a goldmine of information and links to programs provided by the CAF, Government of Canada and civilians.

The website is navigable through filters to search for specific and local needs. For example, a spouse looking to launch a career in a new city can filter the searches to find local tools to kick start their profession.

The CAIPS also focuses on improving resilience through performance, health and fitness training packages, guidance and tools. This includes performance triad training guides that give guidance on improving sleep, nutrition and exercise. The training packages are adapted from the U.S., and the team is in the process of adapting training guides for children and families in the next few months.

There is also a Readiness and Resiliency Guide for CA leadership giving them the tools to coach and mentor military members.

A crucial component of CAIPS is mental health. The strategy offers Road to Mental Readiness training packages. Through the website, soldiers can find courses to express emotions, understand PTSD better or maintain a healthy state of mind.

“The Canadian Army Integrated Performance Strategy will help make our great soldiers even better. We are giving them tools to improve their bodies and their minds so they can excel in their work and their personal lives. But we aren’t stopping there. This strategy is also designed to support military families. Without them, the Canadian Army wouldn’t function. By supporting the entire Army team we will ensure the Army is ready to face whatever comes our way,” said Major-General Jean-Marc Lanthier, Commander Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre.

The strategy is currently a pilot project of the Canadian Army with hopes that it will go Forces-wide in the future.

“The sailors, soldiers, airmen, airwomen and special forces operators of the Canadian Armed Forces are called upon to undertake risks as they serve Canada, and efforts like this one help ensure our troops and families are prepared to meet the challenges of military life. I commend the Canadian Army for this new initiative, which is in line with my intent to help increase the well-being of our soldiers and their families,” said Defence Minister Harjit S. Sajjan.

Visit the Mission: Ready website to learn more.

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