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Baggage check still free for CAF members and Veterans

West Jet and Air Canada recently announced an increase in the cost of checking baggage when
travelling with either airline. What used to be $20 for your first bag and $30 for your second
bag, has now increased to $30 for the first checked bag and $50 for the second checked bag.
Despite the increasing cost of checking your baggage, West Jet and Air Canada continue to offer
their free bag checking service to Canadian Armed Forces members and Veterans. CAF
members and Veterans are allowed to check up to three pieces of luggage, weighing up to 70
pounds each.

When checking in for a flight, CAF members and Veterans simply indicate they have no luggage
to check. Upon arriving at the airport, speak with a flight agent to indicate they are indeed a
service member or Veteran and provide an acceptable form of identification. The flight agent
will then check their three pieces of luggage, free of charge.

This offer is not extended to the following:

  • Current Department of National Defence (DND) public servants and their families
  • Serving and former Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and their families
  •  Other members of first-response agencies, peace officers, etc.
  • Current staff of Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) and their families
  • Current staff of Defence Construction Canada (DCC) and their families
  • Current staff of Communications Securities Establishment (CSE) and their families
  •  Honourary Colonels/Captains(N), Lieutenant Colonels/Commanders and their families
  •  Former Staff of the Non-Public Funds, Canadian Forces with a pension and their families
  •  Former Staff of Department of National Defence (DND) with a pension and their families
  •  Family members of the Staff of the Non-Public Funds (NPF), Canadian Forces (CF)
  •  Family members of the Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC)

Acceptable forms of ID include:

  •  DND ID card for National Defense (NDI 20)
  • Record of Service Card (NDI 75)
  • Any Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) Benefit Card
  • Discharge Certificate from any branch of the Canadian Military
  • Statement of Service from any branch of the Canadian Military
  • Certificate of Service (CF 54 or CF 75) from any branch of the Canadian Military
  • Valid DND Temporary ID card (NDI 10)
  • Canadian Forces or Former member CFOne card (with photo ID).
  •  Membership Card from the National Association of Federal Retirees, bearing the
    mention Canadian Armed Forces Veteran (with photo ID)

In addition to checking three pieces of luggage for free, some passengers have been deemed as
low-risk travellers, or what they call Trusted Travellers after undergoing a series of background
Once dubbed a Trusted Traveller, they carry with them a special photo ID which they show
prior to a security screening at various checkpoints across Canada.

Trusted Travellers include:

  •  Members of NEXUS and Global Entry programs
  • Currently serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces and U.S. military, including
    reservists, all with valid ID (no uniform required)
  • Canadian aircrew and airport workers with Restricted Area Identification Cards (RAICs)
  • International aircrew in uniform with valid airline ID
  • Those accompanying these trusted travellers on the same flight

Air Transat has also joined to offer flight and luggage privileges to Military members and

This offer is extended to the following:

  •  Canadian Armed Forces members
  •  Foreign Military serving with Canadian Armed Forces
  • Veterans, Canadian Armed Forces
  • Must present military ID or CFOne card.

Processing Time and Notice:

  • At least 7 days in advance of your departure
  • Privileges (applicable to the military member and one travelling companion):
  •  Complimentary standard seat assignment
  •  25% discount on Option Plus, if available
  • Checked baggage allowance: 1 piece at 32 kgs max. weight, no charge (Economy class)
  •  Excess baggage: 50% discount on fees applied to additional pieces or excess weight, according
    to the class of service and destination

For more information on how you can become a Trusted Traveller, visit the CATSA website

For questions and inquires about Air Transat military service, visit the website here.

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