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Are you releasing from the CAF before April 2019?

The Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR) researchers are looking for participants to partake in a study about military members releasing by April 2019.

The study will investigate the mental health and well-being of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and veterans as well as the effectiveness of supports available during the military-to-civilian transition.

Dr. Heidi Cramm says this is the first study of its kind in Canada.

“The findings from the study will help us understand what factors, supports, and services are needed, and when, from the transition to go smoothly, as well as to identify what kinds of situations and issues create difficulties for new veterans,” says, Dr. Cramm, Ph.D., Queen’s University.

The research study will involve three separate interviews over a two year period. One while the member is still serving, and brief surveys throughout the release transition from military to civilian life, every six to nine months.

Members of the Reserve Force with deployment experience or the Regular Force who will be taking an Item 3-Medical, or Item 4-Voluntary Release from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) within the next six months are invited to participate in this research study. 

The Research Ethics Committee of the Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO), has approved and authorized this research project, which will run until March 2019. Both the Queen’s University Health Sciences, and the University Research Ethics Board of Mount Saint Vincent University has also approved and authorized the research project.

The study is open to both English and French-speaking members.

For more information about the study, or to register contact: 

Francophones: Dr. Dave Blackburn, Ph.D. [email protected] or 1-800-567-1283 ext. 4024

Anglophones:   Dr. Heidi Cramm, Ph.D. [email protected] or 613-533-6094

Dr. Maya Eichler, Ph.D [email protected] or 902-457-6237

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