Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force announces Commanding Officer and Senior appointments

In December and last week, Commanding Officer and Senior Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) appointments for the active posting season 2021 were announced.

Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force Lieutenant General A.D. Meinzinger offered his congratulations, “These appointments reflect your significant contributions to the Royal Canadian Air Force and they carry with them a heightened degree of expectation of your personal and professional attributes.

“The RCAF can only successfully deliver air and space power if we have well-led, robust, healthy and inclusive squadrons and tactical units. As you prepare to assume your critical leadership opportunities within the RCAF, I challenge each of you to think about how you will work to ensure that every member under your command can thrive and grow in a respectful, gratifying, and rewarding environment.

“You are the change agents of the RCAF, and I will depend upon you to set the example. I am confident that you are well prepared to succeed in this critical command responsibility. I look forward to the opportunity to articulate my personal views to you at a future RCAF Unit Command Team Orientation Program (RUCTOP) session.”

In the meantime, command teams are expected to familiarize themselves with the RCAF Navaids document here. The document helps the RCAF maintain the highest level of relevance and contribution to the mission of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Government of Canada.

2021 APS Appointments:

1 Cdn Air Div – Division CWO – CWO Daniel Campbell
1 Cdn Air Div HQ – A2 – LCol Sharlene Harding
CMCC Trenton – OIC – Capt(P) Blake McNaughton
CFS Alert – CO – Maj Ramzi Bey-Oueslati (Jan – Jun 21), Maj Benoit Carbonneau (Jul – Dec 21), Maj Kimberly Kieres (Jan – Jun 22)
2 Cdn Air Div HQ – A8 – Maj Dany Gonthier
408 Tac Hel Sqn – CO – LCol James Shewchuk
2 OSS – CO – LCol Danny Gagne-Rainville
3 WG – WCWO – CWO Marc Beaumier
425 Tac F Sqn – CO – LCol Stephen Latwaitis
3 AMS – CO – LCol Nicolas Parent
12 RDR Sqn – CO – Maj Nicolas Pesant
409 Tac F Sqn – CO – LCol Corey Mask
410 Tac F (OT) Sqn – CO – LCol Renato Duarte
4 WG OSS – CO – LCol Colin Marks
10 FTTS – CO – Maj Renaud Durand
5 WG – WCWO – MWO Howard Monney
444 (CS) Sqn – CO – Maj Hugh Kennedy
412 (T) Sqn – CO – LCol Dean Rood
426 (T) Trg Sqn – CO – Maj(P) James Arbuckle
429 (T) Sqn – CO – Maj(P) Matt Lederle
2 Air Mov Sqn – CO – LCol Anthony Johnson
8 WG OSS – CO – LCol Adam Pentney
8 WG – DWCOMD – LCol Audrey Lavoie
9 WG – Comd – LCol Lydia Evequoz
103 Sar Sqn – CO – Maj Claude Rivard
406 (M) OTS – CO – LCol David Ferris
443 (MH) Sqn – CO – LCol Kevin Leblond
14 WG – WCWO – CWO Jonathan Proulx
404 (LRP and T) Sqn – CO – Maj(P) Joshua Christianson
413 (T and R) Sqn – CO – Maj(P) Greg Surek
14 AMS – CO – LCol Aleem Sajan
14 WG – DWCOMD – LCol Eric Travis
14 CE Sqn – CO – Maj Paul Morillo
3 CFFTS – CO – LCol Jason Virtue
15 WG – DWCOMD – LCol Mario Charron
16 WG – WCWO – CWO Geoff Rusconi
CFSACO – CO – Maj(P) Donald Armstrong
16 WG – DWCOMD – Maj(P) Trevor Cadeau
17 WG – DWCOMD – LCol Carl Gravel
402 Sqn – CO – LCol Ryan Setter
RCAF Barker College – CO – LCol Ryan Kastrukoff
Det Dundurn – Det Comd – Maj Kendra Hartery
19 WG – WCWO – CWO Donald Farr
442 (T and R) Sqn – CO – LCol Jean Leroux
418 SAR (OT) Sqn – CO – LCol Justin Olsen
22 WG MSS – CO – LCol Martin Roy
51 AC and W (OT) Sqn – CO – Maj Andrew Baier
434 OT and E Sqn – CO – LCol Jason Furlong
Canadian Space Ops Centre – Director – Maj (P) Alexandre Lacasse
CC 552 AC Wing Tinker AFB – Det Comd – LCol Andrew Lunn
CC 1 AF/CONUS Norad Tyndall AFB – Det Comd – Maj (P) Ryan Peters
CC W A/D Sector MCCHORD AFB – Det Comd – LCol Jody Hanson

This was the first announcement of Royal Canadian Air Force Unit appointments for this coming active posting season.

On Feb. 9, 2021, the Commander issued another CANFORGEN announcing Commanding Officer and Senior Royal Canadian Air Force appointments .

Second 2021 APS Appointments:

RCAF – Command CWO – CWO John Hall
2 CDN Air Div – Division CWO – CWO Marlene Shillingford
2 WG – WCWO – CWO Dany Flamand
15 WG – WCWO – CWO Neil Thorne
RCAF – EA RCAF Command CWO – MWO Sonia Darveau

As soon as other appointments are finalized, further announcements will be made.

The CANFORGEN noted the appropriate career manager would co-ordinate with Comd 1 CAD, Comd 2 CAD, or Comd RAWC the Change of Command/Relinquish Command dates prior to releasing posting instructions.

Individual posting and promotion messages, where applicable, will follow in the near future.

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