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Business school aims to assist military spouse entrepreneurs across the country

Over the next few months, four MFRCs will host the Telfer School of Management of the University of Ottawa in an interactive and dynamic session on entrepreneurship designed for military families.

The uniquely tailored two-day sessions will be held at the Petawawa MFRC from Feb. 13-14, Greenwood MFRC from Feb. 16-17, Shilo MFRC from March 12-13 and Bagotville MFRC from March 12-13.

Specifically designed for military families, the sessions will give military families the chance to learn the skills needed to create a mobile entrepreneurship, allowing military spouses and family members to take their businesses with them through postings.

The program promises attendees will learn the start-up process and how to approach it, key skills such as ideation business modeling and cash flow forecasting.

The training, in large part, focuses on interactive sessions including group work and practical experience.

“You will be given the chance to practice the theory. Whether it is exploring how you would actually market your business online or if it’s just running through your idea with a group of people, there will be a lot of practical experience and because it’s fairly small class sizes, you can get one-on-one assistance. You will have an experienced entrepreneur and university lecturer who will be there to provide assistance,” said Katie Ochin, Program Manager- Employment and Entrepreneurship for Military Family Services.

According to Ochin, the sessions are unique from any other entrepreneurial programs offered since they are specifically developed for military families by a professional organization and gives family members and spouses the opportunity to bounce off potential ideas with peers in a similar situation.

At the end of session, attendees will receive a professional development certificate from the University of Ottawa Telfer School of Management, which Ochin says can look good for an entrepreneurial hopeful’s portfolio.

“It’s a great opportunity to receive some professional training if you have an interest in entrepreneurship. Even if you are not 100 per cent sure that you want to become an entrepreneur but you’re considering it because it’s a career move that can adapt to a challenging military lifestyle, maybe give the training a shot because it will enable you to explore an idea you have to see if it’s viable or not. Whether you are an entrepreneur and you’ve had a business for five years or just started thinking about being an entrepreneur this training is for you…It’s not just going to be dry it will be a fun time of learning and professional development free of cost,” noted Ochin.

The program is led by Stephen Daze, a veteran entrepreneur coach and the Dom Herrick Entrepreneur in Residence for Telfer. He has been teaching entrepreneurship and helping with start-ups for 20 years.

The sessions are free for immediate family members of military members.

Class material can be provided in both French and English and accommodations can be made for volunteer translators in-class. On-site childcare can be provided for a low cost or free of cost for military family members

Deadlines for registration begin as early as Jan. 28. To see a complete list of deadlines and register visit their website.

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