Veterans Transition Network alerts public regarding person fraudulently soliciting funds in Calgary

If you live in the Calgary area, be wary of anyone knocking on your door soliciting funds for the organization, Veterans Transition Network (VTN) Canada.

VTN Canada put out a notice on Facebook earlier this week stating that they received complaints of this recently. “We’ve just been notified that someone in the Calgary area has been going door to door and aggressively demanding donations, supposedly on our behalf.

“We never ask for unsolicited donations either on the phone or in person, and we are saddened to hear about this. Please make sure to not give anyone your credit card information in person or over the phone, and feel free to call us at 1-844-CDN-VETS if you want to verify their authenticity.”

The organization also recommends that if an individual feels threatened or harassed individuals are recommended to call their local law enforcement agencies.

VTN Canada is a national organization focused on helping veterans and provides this help with the motto, “The VTN’s mission is to make sure no Canadian Veteran is left suffering in isolation.”

Their programs help veterans find their next career choice, work on communication skills, and connect veterans with peers who are going through similar situations. VTN Canada also largely focuses on supporting veterans who have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental illnesses.


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