Veterans Business Networking Group hosting a unique event 

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On June 13, 2019, Treble Victor Group Ottawa (3V) will be hosting a unique networking event and fundraiser for the Mark Walden Fund. The event and fund are in partnership with Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur (POE). Attendees will be joined by POE alumni, as well as sponsors. 

Kathleen Kilgour, senior program manager of POE, will discuss the programs they offer, and alumni will speak about their experiences with the program. 

The Treble Victor Group (3V) is a not-for-profit business network for retired military members.

“After having lived in a structured environment for years, some veterans are unprepared for the challenges that the civilian job market throws at them. The military’ family’ provides support on all fronts: career, work, socially, health, etc.,” said Francis Bleeker, a retired Dutch officer and defence industry executive, who leads the Ottawa chapter of Treble Victor. “Once you’re out that support falls away, but you’re certainly not the only one. Treble Victor aims to help veterans with the challenges that veterans face when they start looking for a job after their release. It is a volunteer organization that provides mutual support through regular networking events.”

While 3V mainly serves Canadian veterans, there are also some British, French, American, and even South African veterans who take part. The mission is to help former military personnel achieve success in the business world. David Sutcliffe, the communications director at 3V, stresses that 3V is open to all ranks and all elements – all are welcome.

“The mission is to help veterans transition to the business world. There’s also an education part in that we are trying to show the business world what a veteran can bring to their organization,” said Sutcliffe. “Not everybody in the business knows what a Canadian Armed Forces member can actually do to help bring value to the organization, as well as to help grow their organization.” 

The Mark Walden Memorial Fund is named for one of the 3V founders. Mark Walden was a Royal Canadian Regiment Officer who went on to run multiple businesses and was known for the support he offered to other veterans looking to enter the business world. Unfortunately, Mark Walden passed away from an aggressive form of cancer in 2016. This fund honours his memory by helping to fund projects for 3V’s partner organization, the Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur, especially the POE Bootcamp.

“The 3V-POE connection began three years ago as 3V was looking for a way to pay tribute to the memory of its co-founder, Mark Walden,” said Janet McCausland of POE, “The desire was to create a legacy fund that matched Mark’s spirit as an entrepreneur and his passion for helping other veterans.”

POE is a national program that assists veterans in their transition from the military to the business world. They offer several programs and workshops, including their POE Bootcamp, which is an intensive seven-day program designed to help give veterans the tools they need to start their own business. 

Boris Milinkovich, CD, is the CEO/Training Director of True North Tradecraft Ltd, attended a POE Bootcamp in 2018. He comments,

“My involvement at the POE Bootcamp was equal parts overwhelming and inspiring. I learned and was exposed to the opportunities and possibilities of entrepreneurship while building confidence in myself. The staff at Prince’s Trust, the staff of Memorial and the new friends I made, were instrumental in fuelling my drive to start my own business.” Boris Milinkovich, CD


Since Business Development Canada is sponsoring the event, there is no cost to attend, though all attendees are encouraged to make a donation to the Mark Walden Memorial Fund. “We want to make an impact with veteran businesses. So it’s really about connecting, promoting and helping launch the mentoring program,” said Sutcliffe.

For more information on this event, as well as other 3V events, visit the Trebel Victor website.  

For more information on 3V’s Mark Walden Fund, visit here for more information.

For more information on POE, visit their website.

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