Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps’ commemoration 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge with Exercise Creeping Barrage

Named after the military maneuver that led to Canadians taking Vimy Ridge, Exercise CREEPING BARRAGE is 2824 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps’ commemoration event for the 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge.

When the Canadians were tasked with taking Vimy Ridge during the First World War, after failed attempts by British and French troops, Canadians rehearsed orders and practiced creeping barrage, a manoeuvre that involves a rolling artillery fire that continues to move forward, to allow the infantry soldiers to gain ground and keep advancing.

“There is artillery in the rear, and practicing second by second minute by minute, and throwing the artillery forward of the infantry so the infantry can advance and then boom, they take the trenches. It’s like leap frog,” explained Capt. Nicole Dearing, with the 2824 C.O.P.S.

To honour this heroic victory of the Canadians, Exercise CREEPING BARRAGE will consist of a military parade conducted by the cadets. At the conclusion of the parade, the cadets will speak on topics ranging from a reading of In Flanders Fields to why wear a poppy.

The ceremony will also be attended by military officers, superintendents from Peel Regional Police, cadet parents and Legion members. It is also open to the general public.

“The Battle of Vimy Ridge is what made Canada Canada. It was the first time in history the world took notice of Canadians. It’s on your $20 bill. The Battle of Vimy Ridge is the most important military battle in Canadian history, and we also want to educate the general public about that,” noted Dearing.

The ceremony is also vital to educate the cadets, says Dearing.

“It’s important for them because they need to know their military history and they need to understand that it was Canadians that contributed to saving World War One from the Germans. They should know their own history,” said Dearing.

The 100th Anniversary Vimy Ridge Parade will be held on April 9 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Celebration Square, Mississauga City Hall.

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