National Capital Regional MFRC seeks feedback from military families

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The National Capital Region (NCR) MFRC is currently conducting community consultations. 

These consultations are important said Robyn Curry, executive director of the NCR MFRC. 

“Although our board is elected by the community for the community, to ensure that we’ve got every possible opportunity for the community to try to speak as well as being represented, and actually have their own voice heard, we’ve put on the consultations,” said Curry. 

19 JUNE, 2019 – 18h30
Ray Friel Community Centre, Orleans
1585 Tenth Line Rd. Orleans, ON. K1E 3E8

To ensure maximum participation, the MFRC has provided a variety of mechanisms for collecting community input. 

Curry says “we want to ensure that if people don’t want to drive two hours to come to Ottawa for consultation, the same questions that are asked at consultation are actually available in an online survey.” 

An email option is also available for the survey.

Curry comments that “the board of directors wants to give (the community) that opportunity to truly shape the future of the organization.” 

The results of this consultation will be used to form the strategic plan, which will be presented at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is tentatively scheduled for September 10, 2019.

Participation in this consultation is open to everyone, whether currently posted to the NCR or not. 

24 JUNE, 2019 – 18h30
Holiday Inn, Kanata
101 Kanata Ave. Kanata, ON. K2T 1E6

It is vitally important said Curry, “because the strategic plan and MFRC determines where we focus our program delivery, our service development — not just in terms of locations, but in terms of tempo, in terms of where the community has said that we need to truly provide them support. And so it’s the voice of the community being reflected in the program development and program plans of the organization, programs, and services.” 

This is the first time a community consultation of this type has happened in the last six years, though they have had smaller, more specific ones. 

As the MFRC evolves, they need the community’s input to stay current. 

“There are fewer funds available, and more people asking for them. We want to make sure that those dollars that come into our stewardship, for these families, that we do our best to make sure we’re reflecting what their requirements are,” said Curry.

For more information, visit the NRC MFRC website here.

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