MET Spouse Program set to launch nationally April 19

Canada Company, in partnership with Military Family Services (MFS), will be hosting a formal launch ceremony for the innovative Military Employment Transition (MET) Spouse program on April 19 in Toronto.

The launch ceremony is a three-part event for military spouses, where they will get a chance to pickup invaluable tips and connect with employers through a job fair.

The launch is aimed at building on the momentum of the METSpouse program and to welcome more military spouses and employer partners on-board.

“What’s significant here is that we are the only national military spousal employment program in Canada. No other program reaches from coast to coast, and actually outside of Canada,” said Kerry Wheelehan, Director, Military Employment Transition Spouse.

The day will begin at 9 a.m. with a workshop for military spouses. Prior to the event, spouses will be offered a webinar to prepare for the day by identifying job openings and employer partners who will be present at the ceremony. A professional employment counsellor will guide the spouses on job search techniques.

The workshop in the morning of the METSpouse national launch will then advise spouses on how best to communicate and make an impression when they meet employers later in the day during the job fair.

“We think this workshop for the day of is the best time spent because it’s that elevator speech, it’s that first-time impression, and that is what we want to provide the training for and then the opportunity to execute at the job fair,” explained Wheelehan.

After lunch, an official ceremony will take place with Canada Company president Angela Mondou; a senior representative from RBC; a representative from CFMWS; and a military spouse, who attained employment through the program, all speaking to the value of METSpouse.

The METSpouse program launched as a pilot program in April 2016 at seven Military Family Resource Centres (MFRC) across Canada.

“Military spouses have so much to offer, and they just need to be given that opportunity, and that’s what METSpouse does. We all know how passionate and how resilient and how highly committed military spouses are and what they bring to the workplace. I love to say military spouse bring a global perspective to every work space,” noted Wheelehan.

Since its launch, METSpouse signed on 350 spouses and 120 employer partners. There have been over 50 spouses hired through the program, though Wheelehan believes the number is higher.

The program is aimed at not only helping spouses in Canada, but also those currently posted in the U.S. and abroad.

“Those spouses, they need to be in the program so that when they come back to Canada, they’ll have the opportunities,” said Wheelehan.

Some employer partners even allow spouses to work remotely while they are posted outside of Canada.

The METSpouse program also debunks myths about military spouses and educates employer partners about military spouses and their high education levels.

“They say wow what an untapped resource we have in a military spouse. So, that’s a good thing for the member,” commented Wheelehan.

Because of the awareness employer partners have, Wheelehan encourages spouses to take pride in who they are.

“They should be proud of and should absolutely tell our employer partners that they are METSpouse members and they are military spouses,” stated Wheelehan.

The METSpouse director hopes that with the national launch employers can come aboard so that military spouses can easily find their path to meaningful careers.

“There’s so much more the future is going to bring. Canada Company is investing so much into this program. Our digital platforms are going to become so much more sophisticated with this program.

“My hope is that with this national launch it will inspire corporate Canada to join in this worthwhile and rewarding program because they not be disappointed, military spouses will not be a disappointment,” said Wheelehan.

The METSpouse launch will take place April 19 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at AGF Lt. Toronto, a short walk from Union Station.

To attend, spouses must be members of the METSpouse Program and can do so by registering at their local MFRC, by contact METSpouse or on the day of.

To register click here.

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