Laura Earl is back in her new show Revenge of the Bride

The one-woman show Laura Earl-Middleton is back at it again with the second chapter of her show “I’m an Army Wife Now What?” entitled “Revenge of the Bride.” The world premiere of the show will be at Garrison Petawawa on Sept. 23.

The new show follows up with her main character, Lindsay Lloyd, from her previous show. Audiences will catch up with Lindsay’s life to see how she’s adjusted as a military wife after seven years.

“The show starts as she and her husband are about to undertake their third posting together and brings the audience along for the hilarious ride. Lindsay has learned quite a lot in the seven years since we’ve seen her last, and that’s evident in her confidence as a military spouse, yet there are a few surprises along the way that make her feel like a rookie all over again,” described Laura Earl-Middleton.

The talented actor, writer, comedian has been jotting down notes for the show for several years. She showed off the first half of the production for the Atlantic MFRC’s Board Chair and Executive Director Conference in Gagetown in March. Her performance in Petawawa will be the world premiere of the show which she believes is “fitting because the majority of it is set in that community.

Earl-Middleton draws from the experiences of her friends from the military family when writing her shows.

“I was really inspired by my fellow military spouses who take all these crazy experiences they have in stride. They sometimes have a good laugh about it, sometimes a good cry, but either way they carry on leading their lives. I really have to thank them for pulling me aside after a show, or sending me a note and telling me their hilarious, cringe worthy stories and in some cases even letting me add some artistic licence to incorporate them into this show.  Writing the new piece has reminded me yet again what a wonderful community I belong to as a military spouse and what great friends I’ve made,” explained Earl-Middleton.

After her performance in Petawawa, Earl-Middleton will be hitting the road to perform her show in various locations. She will be performing at CFB Kingston on Sept. 25, then appearing at CFB Meaford on Oct. 16. She will also be making her first appearance in Newfoundland with a performance at CFB Gander on Nov. 21.

Earl-Middleton is known for her hilarious shows including her previous instalment “I’m an Army Wife Now What?” that was widely successful across the country. She has also performed other shows internationally and has her own company Blue Poodle Entertainment Communications and Consulting.

Free tickets were available to the military community through the Petawawa MFRC as a thank you to CAF members and their families. Nearly 300 people are expected to attend the show.

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