First Annual Canadian Walk for the Veterans

The Equitas Society will be hosting their first annual Canadian Walk for the Veterans in eight major cities across Canada, June 3, 2018, the Sunday before National Peacekeeper’s Day.

On June 3, 2018, veterans in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa, Kingston, Fredericton, Halifax, and St. John’s will join together in their respective cities to walk and raise money for a new organization for veterans.

Aaron Bedard, veteran and member of the Equitas Society, said the need for a new organization is high. 

Bedard aims to have a system like the Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans Association in the U.S., where they keep a record of all their veterans. 

“There are a lot of veterans out there that aren’t under an umbrella organization that is looking, after all, their needs and really focusing in on transition,” said Bedard during a live Facebook interview.

The walk emulates the commemoration factor of Remembrance Day but in a more relaxed setting. 

Holly Scott, founder of the Equitas Society, said it provides unity for veterans. With the walk’s carefree vibes, Bedard said it provides the opportunity for veterans to make connections that will help open them up.

“It was just one connection with one person that made all the difference to me,” he said.

The Equitas Society welcomes everyone to participate in the walk. Marc Burchell, president of the Equitas Society, said everyone has some sort of connection to the military. Whether it’s a friend, family member, neighbour, there’s still a connection.

Along with raising money, the Equitas Society wants to use this annual walk to thank veterans for their service. Everyone who registers receives a commemorative collector’s coin. 

“It’s a reminder of your contribution, that you’re making the lives of veterans and their families that much better,” said Burchell.

If all goes well with this first walk, Bedard and Burchell hope to roll it out to every major city across Canada.

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