Canada Post releases special edition stamps to recognize CAF and First Responders

Canada Post has released special edition stamps to recognize emergency responders across the country.

Released at the national level in September, the five stamps recognize the Canadian Armed Forces, Paramedics, Police, Firefighters, and Search and Rescue Experts.

Kalvin Mitchell, Local Area Post Officer Supervisor of the Petawawa Station and former member of the Canadian Armed Forces says after the national release, it was expressed by Canada Post that releasing stamps at a local level would be a great initiative.

“Being a former member of the forces I automatically thought of this to bring exposure to the military post office as well, that can function the same as what we do downtown, so I think that it’s a great idea,” says Mitchell. “I have a couple of employees who are spouses of serving members, so we do have an idea of what they go through on a daily basis.”

Mitchell says he wanted to present a token of appreciation to thank emergency responders for their service.

With the natural disaster that deeply affected residence in Ottawa and surrounding areas in September, the stamps shed light on the first responders who were first on scene helping Ontario residence.

All 5 stamps were designed by William Lam Design with the illustrations by Shiro Nishiguchi and are now available at all Canada Post Locations across Canada.

During the release, Garrison Petawawa Commander Colonel Louis Lapointe says that Canadian Forces members play a large role in being first responders.

“”We are not always the front line, we also have to acknowledge Firefighters and Police that play a great role there, we are very happy that our soldiers get a chance to be recognized as part of a team.” says, Lapointe.

Lapointe says the Canada Post has always been there for soldiers sending mail, packages and parcels from loved ones overseas. Although technology has changed, and letters are becoming less common, it’s still an active part on military service.

“Even when we go overseas, our soldiers still get care packages, it’s really appreciated.”

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