Brampton Run for Veterans goes virtual 

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 15 has announced that the Brampton Run for Veterans event will now transition to a virtual event.

This decision has been made as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is continuing to threaten the safety of individuals around the world.

The following steps have been made in line with those taken by municipal, provincial and federal guidelines:

Brampton Run for Veterans will transition to a VIRTUAL event

  • The Team Challenge has been cancelled
  • Buddy Check Coffee has been cancelled
  • All Displays, Booths and Music are cancelled

The Run for Veterans will continue with registration being extended to April 28th. The virtual run will allow runners to be able to sign up online, still participate in their own way, and earn race shirts & medals at a place and time of their own choosing.

Registration Fees will be refundable for those who receive sponsorships totalling over $250. Participants must register online here.

The Buddy Check Coffee (BCC) program has been suspended until early April, with the possibility of it being extended further. Veterans are advised to follow BCC on Facebook for information here.

As the event is moving online, all displays and booths will not be able to continue.

However, in an attempt to continue promoting Veteran-Owned-Businesses and community partners, digital advertisements are being accepted. These will be included in the virtual run.

The Legion is requesting anyone able to help during this time to reach out.

They are open to direct monetary contributions and including food or fuel gift cards for Veterans.

“Make no mistake. We will be back in 2021. Veteran’s issues are not going away during this pandemic,” read the official announcement from The Race Team.

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