Battle of the Atlantic gala honours Second World War Naval Vets

On May 3, 2018, the 6th annual Battle of the Atlantic Gala continues to honour Second World War Navy vets. The BOA Gala takes place every year on the Thursday before the Battle of the Atlantic Sunday parade in Ottawa. 

“These are men and women who are now in their 90’s, so they’ve lived a full life, but they started out their lives as young people who went to war. They answered the call and went to war,” said Tim Haddison, co-chair, BOA Gala. 

Answering that call was important for these veterans back in the day, and there are not many left. Hence Haddison feels this is a great opportunity to give the veterans a cheer and a huge thank-you for all they’ve done for Canada.

At the gala, the veterans receive a commemorative coin with the event featuring a four-course dinner, speakers, and presentations. The Admiral also takes this opportunity to present an honorary medal to a deserving recipient.

“There’s also a video that we run with some outstanding footage of activities during World War Two. It really is something to see the reactions from some of the vets,” said Haddison. “They get really choked up when they see the video, taking them back to the day when they were at sea.”

This year, eight Korean War veterans will be honoured, and as the number of BOA veterans become fewer and fewer, Haddison said they plan to continue with the annual gala, honouring other veterans.

“We’ll continue into the next generation veterans all the way into the 20th-century vets.”

Held at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, the event is hosted by the Naval Association of Canada with the support of the Royal Canadain Navy. 

Tickets are currently on sale. 

To attend the event and thank the veterans for their service or learn more about to the BOA Gala click here.

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