Army Reserve units to host third annual Canadian Army Reserve Job Fair

On Saturday, Sept. 28, Canadian Army Reserve units across the country are set to host their third annual job fair.

The event’s aim is to demonstrate the many employment opportunities available in the Army Reserve.

Army Reservists work part-time for the Canadian Army, generally one night a week and one weekend a month, often while employed or attending school full-time. Some full-time employment opportunities are available in the Army Reserve, including full-time summer employment in the first four years of service.

Reservists work in a variety of trades including:

  • Combat Arms, 
  • Engineering
  • Signals
  • Logistics
  • Human Resources
  • Finance.

Within Canada, the Army Reserve supports domestic operations when the Canadian Armed Forces is called upon to assist provincial governments with natural disasters such as floods and forest fires.

There are currently Canadian Army Reserve units in 117 communities across Canada. 

According to a Canadian Armed Forces press release 97 per cent of the Canadian population lives within 45 minutes of a Reserve Armoury.

“Army Reservists make important contributions to international expeditionary operations including ongoing missions in the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe.” CAF Press Release


A press release also noted, “Army Reservists make important contributions to international expeditionary operations including ongoing missions in the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe.”

At the event visitors will be able to meet with Army Reservists, view interactive displays, and participate in dynamic activities throughout the day. Interested individuals will also be able to apply on site.

“Joining the Army Reserve is a great opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience, work in unique environments, and develop transferable skills, all while receiving meaningful part-time employment and benefits,” stated the press release. 

Last year more than 12,700 people visited job fairs at their local armouries. More than 100 units across the country opening their doors this year. 

People wishing to visit an armoury in their area can visit the Canadian Army Reserve Job Fair website to find the location nearest you.

“Reservists serve an important role in the success of Canada’s defence operations both at home and abroad. The Army Reserve is an excellent part-time employment opportunity for Canadians to challenge themselves and serve their country while staying close to home,” stated the press release. 


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