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Remembrance Day Sentry Program Nominations Open

Above image: Sentries at the National War Memorial in Ottawa October, 2019

Nominations are open for CAF personnel to take part in this year’s Remembrance Day Sentry Program.

This year’s Remembrance Day Sentry Program will take place from November 5 to 12, 2020 (travelling days included). At which time, selected CAF and RCMP personnel are given the honour of representing their country at the National War Memorial.

Sponsored by the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS), the Remembrance Day Sentry Program is managed by MILPERSCOM (MPC)/Director General Military Personnel Support Services (DGMPSS), in consultation with all CAF elements as well as the RCMP.

The organizations are responsible for managing their own internal selection processes.

Along with a deserving member from Op Laser will be selected as the special guest to the CDS and will accompany him during Sentry Program activities, including the Remembrance Day parade.

2020 Sentry Positions are designated as follows:

(a) CDS – Special guest to the CDS (recognizing a deserving MBR who served on Op Laser) – CJOC CCWO will forward L1 nomination files to the CAF CWO for final selection.
(b) RCN – Navy Sentry (OS / AB / LS / MS) Navy DEU.
(c) CA – Army Sentry (Pte / Cpl / MCpl) Army DEU
(d) RCAF – Air Sentry (Avr / Cpl / Cpl) Air DEU
(e) CANSOFCOM – Sentry Commander (Sgt) Any DEU
(f) RCMP HQ – RCMP sentry, and
(g) MPC / Canadian Forces Health Services Group (CF H SVCS GP) – Nursing Officer (Capt / Lt(N) or below) Any DEU.

Each selected participant is entitled to be accompanied by one guest, such as a spouse, common-law partner recognized by the CAF, or an immediate family member (including a child of at least 14 years old).

The expenses associated with a guest will be a taxable benefit for the participant. If the participant decides to invite a person who does not fit into the categories listed above, that invitation will be at the member’s expense. All guest expenses will be funded by the sponsoring EC / Commands / Group principals.

Queries can be directed to the following POCs:

(a) Command Chief Petty Officer of the Royal Canadian Navy or the Honours and Recognition Staff Officer, CPO 1 G.S.M. Seguin, 613-904-6303
(b) Sergeant-Major of the Canadian Army or his assistant, MWO G. Seeloch, 613-277-6307
(c) Command Chief Warrant Officer of the Royal Canadian Air Force or his assistant MWO J.R. McCarron, 613-324-1274
(d) Command Chief Warrant Officer of CANSOFCOM or his POC, Maj Saqib, 613-993-6894
(e) Sergeant-Major of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, CSM A. McCambridge, 613-617-5718, and
(f) Military Personnel Command Remembrance Day Sentry Program Coord, Lt(N) R.A. Chiasson, 613-901-8725

The CAF Recognition Program was established to recognize exemplary Regular Force (REG F) and Reserve Force (RES F) sailors, soldiers, airmen, and airwomen during ceremonies held throughout the year.

The program publicly acknowledges the dedication, efforts, professionalism, and performance of deserving CAF personnel.

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