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One hundred Canadian Army vehicles and four M777 lightweight 155-mm towed howitzers travelling along the Transcanadienne Highway

Over the last few days, one hundred Canadian Army vehicles and four M777 lightweight 155-mm towed howitzers will be rolling down the Transcanadienne Highway as a contingent of 275 soldiers travels 625 km from Quebec to Gagetown, New Brunswick.

Canadian Army soldiers from the 5th Canadian Light Artillery Regiment (5 RALC) are deploying to 5 Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown for Exercise PIÈCES AGUERRIES. The exercise will take place from April 25 to May 13.

“This training is the follow-up to Exercise PIÈCES MOBILES, held at Valcartier in March. Exercise PIÈCES AGUERRIES will allow my gunners to practice their skills up to the battery level. During the last week of the exercise, we will offer support to our colleagues at the School of Royal Canadian Artillery. I would venture to say that the contribution of 5 RALC will help to enhance the excellent training Canadian Gunners already receive in Gagetown,” said LCol. Francis Poitras, Commander of the 5th Light Artillery Regiment of Canada.

Passengers en route to Gagetown will view an assortment of Canadian Army vehicles including Light Armored Vehicles, Tracked Light Armoured Vehicles (on floats), M777 lightweight 155-mm towed howitzers on flatbed trucks, Light Support Vehicle Wheeled, Medium Support Vehicle Systems, and 10-tonne trucks.

The 5 RALC is deploying the M777 lightweight 155-mm towed howitzers to carry out fire-on-sight missions, harassing fire on demand, quick-actions drills, and regimental shooting plans. The Canadian Army soldiers will have a chance to practice command of the M777 and mortar detachments. The howitzer can fire two to five 155-mm shells per minute, with high accuracy on targets at up to 30 km. They have been designed to be handled easily and transported quickly by helicopter or motor vehicle.

The deployment will aide the soldiers and developing and sharpening their skills before their live-fire exercise Battery Commander Course 2016, set to take place from May 7 to 13. The course will also consist of training on the C3 105-mm howitzer, a command-post confirmation exercise.

According to a CAF press release, the exercise “allows the Canadian Army to maintain its operational readiness and preparedness, in order to be ready to perform any task assigned to them by the Government of Canada.”

Above Photo: Valcartier, Québec, January 20, 2010, Leaving for Haïti. Approximately 80 military vehicles left Valcartier Garrison towards the Québec Port to be transported to Haïti by sea. 12 convoys of 8 vehicles left in succession towards the Quebec Port, they will embark on a ship that will leave the following day. Canadian Forces Image Number VL2010-0020-17  By Cpl Roxanne Shewchuk. Imagery Section, Valcartier.



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