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More Non-lethal Support for Iraq

The Government of Canada announced today its intention of donating further non-lethal military gear to Iraqi Security Forces, expanding their capability to combat what is being called the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

The announcement was made by the Minister of Defence Rob Nicholson in advance of a meeting he will attend in London, United Kingdom, on January 22, 2014.

“Canada is resolved to stand with our international partners in support of the Republic of Iraq. As Prime Minister Harper has made clear, ISIL poses a threat not only to Iraq and the Middle East, but also to global security and to Canada,” said Minister Nicholson.

Delegates from 23 countries and organizations in attendance at the Ministerial meeting will focus on the coalition’s five levels of effort in combating ISIL, which include providing military support to our partners, impeding the flow of foreign fighters into the region, stopping ISIL’s financing and funding, addressing humanitarian crises in region, and exposing ISIL’s true nature.

The meeting will also provide an opportunity for partners to take stock of the coalition’s work to date and explore opportunities to enhance coordination moving forward.

The planned Canadian donation to the Iraqi Security Forces, via DFATD’s Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building Program (CTCBP), will include 6,000 items of winterized and wet weather gear, including 1,000 coats, fleece shirts and pants for cold weather operations, as well as 1,000 jackets and pants for wet weather deemed surplus by the Canadian Armed Forces.


Canada has also committed more than $102 million in humanitarian, stabilization and security programming for Iraq since January 2014. This support to Iraq includes over $76 million in response to humanitarian needs, $10 million to address sexual violence and other human rights abuses, and $10 million for non-lethal security related equipment.

“We all have an interest in stopping this scourge and this is why Canada is at the forefront of international efforts to combat ISIL in Iraq, and to address the significant humanitarian and political challenges needed to respond to ISIL’s savage campaign of terror,” said Minister Nicholson.

Between August 15 and September 26, 2014, the CAF transported military supplies consisting of small arms, ammunition, and equipment donated by contributing allies, such as Albania and the Czech Republic. As of September 26, 2014, 25 flights have been successfully completed, delivering more than 725,000 kilograms of military supplies to security forces in Iraq.

On September 5, 2014, Prime Minister Harper announced the CAF would provide personnel to advise and assist the security forces in the Republic of Iraq to plan and execute operations against ISIL. On October 30, 2014 the CAF conducted its first mission as part of the US-led Middle East Stabilization Force.

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