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Inauguration of the 28e Canadian Rangers Patrol in Québec

On December 7, 2019, the 2nd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (2 CRPG), inaugurated its 28th Canadian Ranger Patrol in Bonne-Espérance, in the Lower North Shore Québec region. 

Bonne-Espérance Municipality Mayor Mr. Roderick Fequet was present at the event. Lieutenant Colonel Benoit Mainville, Commanding Officer 2nd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group, and Chief Warrant Officer Mathieu Giard, Group Sergeant Major, were also present. Approximately 30 Rangers were on parade to highlight the significance of the event.

“I am pleased to announce the opening of the 28th Canadian Ranger’s Patrol in Québec in 2nd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group area of responsibility. The Rangers are active members of their community and we look forward to working closely with them, the City Council and the community of Bonne-Espérance. Welcome to all,” said Lieutenant Colonel Mainville.

The Canadian Rangers Patrol Bonne-Espérance comprises of 34 Rangers. The Canadian Rangers patrol will be led by a Patrol Sergeant and assisted by a deputy and three-section commanders of the rank of Master Corporal.

Rangers of the new patrol are trained to complete impromptu short term operations and patrols as quickly and as safely as possible. They receive annual military training on navigation, communications, search and rescue procedures, first aid, and weapon handling. Considered the ‘eyes and ears’ of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in remote, isolated, coastal regions of Canada, the Rangers provide self-sustaining, lightly equipped mobile forces to support Canadian operations.

Fequet said, “The Municipality of Bonne-Espérance is honoured to inaugurate a Canadian Ranger Patrol and support the Junior Canadian Rangers Program in our community.” 

“Our Rangers will proudly represent our community, and they will proudly perform their duties in support of the Canadian Armed Forces. We are excited and appreciative of this new collaboration,” he added.

In line with Canada’s new Defence Policy “Strong, Secure, Engaged” (SSE), which is supported by the 2 CRPG, there is a mandate to increase the presence of Canadian Rangers in remote and isolated regions in Québec. There is also the goal of developing the Junior Canadian Rangers Program (JCR) in collaboration with communities.

Rangers train JCRs with the program contributing towards improving the quality of life for 12 to 18 year-olds, by teaching them life skills equipping them with the tools to become dynamic, engaged members of their community.

Photo: Bonne Espérance Mayor Roderick Fequet signs the parchment with Lieutenant-Colonel Benoit Mainville, 2 CRPG Commanding Officer, Chief Warrant Officer Mathieu Giard, 2 CRPG Group Sergeant Major and Patrol Sergent recently promoted Sgt Wayne Spingle December 7, 2019, formalizing the inauguration of the 28th Canadian Rangers Patrol in Québec.
Credit photo: Cplc Hugo Tremblay, 2 GPRC

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