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Final Flight of the CC-130 Hercules E Legacy

The CC-130 Hercules E Legacy made its final flight earlier this week flying from its home with the 424 Transport and Rescue Squadron in Trenton to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa. The two-hour flight marked the end of more than fifty years of loyal service.

“As we mark the final flight of the last remaining CC-130 E Hercules Legacy in service, we are reminded of the Canadian Armed Forces’ diligent efforts in responding to and preventing Search and Rescue emergencies. Today, let’s take a moment to honour this reliable flying giant that has served us well for more than five decades,” said Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan.

The Hercules has been donated by the Department of National Defence to the Museum and will become a part of the museum’s permanent exhibit.

The Hercules is an integral part of RCAF history having flown in numerous search and rescue operations.

photo credit DND/CAF Photo by Lieut. Navy Lee Chiarizia.
photo credit DND/CAF Photo by Lieut. Navy Lee Chiarizia.

“As a former Commanding Officer of 429 Transport Squadron in Trenton, it’s an honour to be here today to mark an important milestone in our military history: the last flight of the CC-130E fleet. I encourage all Canadians to take a moment to pay a visit to this loyal workhorse, and reflect on the importance it had for Royal Canadian Air Force, Canada and Canadians,” said Karen McCrimmon, Member of Parliament for Kanata-Carleton.

The RCAF received 24 CC-130Es between December 1964 and August 1968. The Hercules donated to the museum is the oldest of its type, entering service in 1965. Over the course of its career, it’s been used as a transport airplane, training airplane and search and rescue airplane.

“The CC-130 Hercules is the mainstay of the RCAF’s tactical air mobility fleet. Since we acquired our first B-model Hercules in October 1960, this rugged transport aircraft has provided stellar service in times of peace and conflict. The Hercules is so integral to our mission success that we recently acquired the latest version, the J-model Hercules. Along with our legacy H models, the J-model is providing unparalleled service to Canada and Canadians.

“I am delighted that Hercules No. 130307 – the last of our E-model Hercules – has found a permanent home with the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa, where it will showcase the RCAF’s air mobility role for years to come,” said LGen. Michael Hood, commander of the RCAF.

This Hercules was the third CC-130 to be acquired by the CAF.

“The Canada Aviation and Space Museum prides itself in charting not only Canada’s rich aviation heritage but also the important milestones in the history and technology of flight. We appreciate the Department of National Defence’s understanding of the usefulness of the aircraft beyond its active life span in the Royal Canadian Air Force and gratefully accept the guardianship of this significant aircraft for future generations,” said Alex Benay, President and CEO of Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation.

**Featured Image Credit photo credit DND/CAF Photo by Lieut. Navy Lee Chiarizia. **

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