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Close Protection Recruiting Military Personnel

The Canadian Forces Provost Marshal (CFPM) is currently looking for an elite class of soldiers to volunteer for the next Close Protection Assessment Centre (CPOAC).

The CPOAC will occur from April 25-29 and from April 30 to May 4.

“Candidates found suitable following the CPOAC will be merit listed and loaded on the CP course scheduled for summer 23 at Connaught Ranges and Primary Training Centre in Ottawa,” stated CANFORGEN 171/22, announcing the positions.

Those who complete their CPO training successfully will form part of the CAF CP capability. They will then be employed within a small team environment to provide Close Protection security in areas that protect Canadian interests both at home and abroad.

Posting Requirements for Applicants

According to the CANFORGEN, applicants need to be available for a posting to the Canadian Forces Protective Services Unit, Ottawa. They will be in a CPO position to include one of the Combat Arms Positions assigned to the CAF and/or up to a six-month deployment during a two-year period.

Reserve Personnel are advised that the above does not mean a Reserve Force employment contract is guaranteed once qualified.

After completing their training, qualified CPOs may be subjected to a Restricted Release Period of up to 24 months. Therefore, members may have to ensure their Terms of Service extend beyond the RRP before course loading.


Regular and Reserve Force applicants must meet certain criteria to apply. This criterion is as follows, according to the CANFORGEN:

  • MOS ID and Rank must be 00161 MP of the rank of CPL/S to MWO/CPO2. 00214 MPO of the rank of Maj/LCDR and below. Any Canadian Army Combat Arms MOS ID of the rank of Cpl. or MCpl.
  • Must have reached the operationally functional point in current MOS ID.
  • Must not be under a remedial measure
  • Must not have a criminal record of any kind. Those with a criminal record must submit a pardon/record suspension prior to applying.
  • Meet the pre-selection fitness evaluation standard specified in the reference.
  • Hold a valid minimum security clearance of Level II (secret). If you do not hold this level, you must apply for it before continuing with this application.
  • Must have a Personnel Readiness Verification status of green. This must include weapon handling, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence, and first aid.
  • Must have a valid Canadian passport
  • Must have a valid license
  • And DND 404.

None of the above can expire during the process. If this is to occur, applicants will be returned to their home unit, and costs associated with the travel will be recovered by the home unit.

Notice of Intent for these positions must be submitted by March 6 through email to J7 Selection Cell. In addition, application packages must be sent, via encrypted email, to J7 Selection Cell here.

Required Documents

The CANFORGEN also listed a number of required documents:

  • CPOAC application form
  • Copy of DND 2512 Form, indicating the CP pre-selection fitness evaluation results
  • Completed and signed DND 2788 form. This needs to be completed electronically with a handwritten signature dated within six months of the application deadline copy of the 459 Canadian Forces Conduct sheet.
  • Copy of valid provincial driver’s license and DND 404
  • Copy of valid passport
  • Up-to-date and verified copy of Military Personnel Record Resume obtained from the Orderly Room
  • Pre-selection fitness evaluation. Candidates must have passed within six months of CPOAC dates and must be administered by PSP staff.

Invitations CPOAC

According to the CANFORGEN, “the stronger the performance during fitness testing, the better the chance of being invited to attend the CPOAC.”

Invitations to attend CPOAC will be sent out by April 23, 2023. If an applicant doesn’t receive an invitation, this means their file is closed. However, they are welcome to apply in the future.

Travel and temporary duty expenses will be covered by CF MP GP. However, Primary Reserve applicant’s employing unit is responsible for all reserve pay during CPOAC and CPOC.

Important Reminders

The CANFORGEN makes it a point to state that a majority of the work will be conducted in English. Additionally, MP/MPOs who qualify could be deployed as early as later this year or early 2024.

“And throughout their career, depending on operational requirements, Canadian Army commitment for Combat Arms personnel is one tour within two years of course completion with the possibility of a second tour in the future depending on availability,” stated the CANFORGEN.

Once qualified, personnel will be considered for future deployments. Additionally, qualified Combat Arms CPO could be eligible to be posted to one of the Combat Arms positions assigned to the CAF within CFPSU.

For questions about screening and the selection process, contact CF MP GP J7 Selection Cell here.


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