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Canadian Royal Navy to Participate in International Exercise

In the coming weeks, several Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) ships and personnel will be taking part in the Canadian-led international, training event Spartan Warrior 2016.

The exercise, taking place from Oct. 24 through Nov. 16, will be held off the east coast of Nova Scotia along the eastern seaboard of North America and down to the Bahamas.

“Spartan Warrior 2016 was devised to provide sailors of the Atlantic Fleet, maritime aviation crews from the Royal Canadian Air Force, and participants from allied nations advanced experiential development in modern naval operations.

“Enhancing skill levels and cooperation with like-minded nations strengthens our shared confidence in modern combat systems, wide-area surveillance abilities, information sharing, and ultimately, mission accomplishment and the defence of the naval task force and our respective countries,” said RAdm. J. Newton, Commander Maritime Forces Atlantic.

The exercise will focus on deterrence, combat, security operations, and planning for stability operations within a joint, multinational context.

“Spartan Warrior 2016 will focus on tactical training within the context of a geopolitical scenario, and will facilitate training in a joint environment and develop interoperability with allies and joint partners. SPARTAN WARRIOR 2016 will culminate in an advanced war-at-sea scenario,” according to a Department of National Defence/ Canadian Armed Forces press release.

Approximately 1,500 personnel from Canada, the U.S. and Spain will come together for this exercise. Ships participating in this year’s exercise include: Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships (HMCS) Fredericton, St. John’s, Athabaskan, Montreal and Spanish replenishment ship (ESPS) Patino. Additionally, a destroyer, replenishment vessel and submarines from the United States Navy will participate in Spartan Warrior 2016.

Three CH-124 Sea Kings from 12 Wing Shearwater and one CP-140 Aurora from 14 Wing Greenwood will also provide support during the training exercise.

In addition, a CH-148 Cyclone helicopter will be involved in its first RCN exercise.

The exercise will also support the deployment certification of HMCS St. John’s.


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