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Canadian Army Reservists Participate in Exercise Tartan Target II This Weekend

More than one hundred Canadian Army Reservists, serving with 36 and 37 Canadian Brigade Groups, will be conducting training throughout Atlantic Canada from May 13 to 15.

The training is crucial to maintaining operational readiness and is part of the annual readiness verification for all Army Reserve units.

“The reservists who serve with 5th Canadian Division work tirelessly to ensure that they are fit and ready to provide the excellent level of service on which they have built a solid reputation. The Canadian Army of Atlantic Canada has never failed to assist when called upon – whether in domestic operations or on expeditionary operations abroad.   Exercises such as these are part of the robust training cycle that allows us to maintain our high standards of readiness,” said Brigadier-General J.F. Camsell, Deputy Commander, 5th Canadian Division.

There are four exercises part of the three-day training. Exercise TARTAN TARGET II will be conducted by the Nova Scotia Highlanders. The Highlanders will conduct weapons training at the Debert Rifle Range and navigation training at the McCallum Settlement area.

The Royal Newfoundland Regiment will be conducting Exercise THUNDER BOLD II, which includes rifle training at the Cambrai Range in Newfoundland.

The Prince Edward Island Regiment will conduct weapons training at Alexandria Point, Alexandria, PEI as part of Exercise TARGET SADDLE.

Lastly, the 37 Service Battalion will be conducting Exercise TREK FUNDY. The 37 Service Battalion will practice convoy operations by completing a road move exercise from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick.

Members of the 36 and 37 Canadian Brigade Groups are predominantly part-time CAF members. Their role is to deliver a part-time force that is engaged in the local community and a responsive, integrated capability both at home and abroad.

“As members of the Canadian Armed Forces team, soldiers from 36 Canadian Brigade Group continually train to achieve a high level of readiness. These exercises develop our common soldier skills, ensuring that we are always ready to serve in whatever capacity is required,” said Col. Shawn Hale, Commander, 36 Canadian Brigade Group.

“The Army Reserve is a robust, well-trained, predominantly part-time force with units throughout Canada. It will remain a key component to the CAF’s ability to meet Canada’s security and defence needs in the future,” stated a press release issued by the DND/CAF.

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