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Megan’s tips for families #131: Record the entire season

For many of us, this is a holiday season. There are a number of events and family traditions that take place over the entire month. However, your absent family member won’t have memories of the hurried Christmas shopping, baking, parties, people visiting, dinners, wrapping, hiding gifts, etc. We remember to take pictures at the big events but we do not capture any of the other moments that often make the holiday season fun, frustrating and eventful.

This year record it all – the crowded mall, the full parking lot, the annoyed faces of your children doing some task they don’t want to, the putting up of decorations, food preparation, etc. Give them a full play by play. It’s a great way to connect with your absent family member about the things you are doing on a day to day basis to make it a special time. Your insights and commentary around this busy season will be one of the best videos you’ve ever sent!

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