Flying Under The Radar

  • Families in Uniform

    Father’s who wear the uniform are a special breed. In my opinion, they set an example simply by showing their…

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  • Thankful for Change

    It’s finally spring! Ah, the images spring brings to mind, sweet baby lambs prancing in a meadow, vases overflowing with…

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  • Where the Heck is Murphy?

    If I ever get my hands on him he won’t know what hit him. If you’re a military spouse you’ve…

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  • All That Sparkles

    I had the pleasure of attending my first ball a week ago. A flamboyant event replete with feathers and pearls,…

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  • Homework Woes

    Homework is the bane of my existence. Actually, coercing three very active kids into doing their hours of homework is my…

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