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Apparently, spring is severely late to the party this year. Teasing us with a few warm days here and there, but nothing ever really consistent. Just when you think you can go out and enjoy the patio weather once and for all…think again, Sprinter (Spring-Winter) is back again and usually with a wrath fiercer than the time before.

While we can’t enjoy the usual beautiful spring weather just yet, we can, however, curl up on the couch, stay warm and enjoy a nice Netflix marathon. Here’s what our team is currently binge watching.

The Crown: We all crave a bit of drama in our lives, just preferably not in our actual lives. Television dramas are a great way to feed that craving. That’s where The Crown comes in. Currently streaming on Netflix, The Crown is a history-drama series and follows the political rivalries and romance during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and the events that took place to bring us to where we are today. The show stars Claire Foy and Matt Smith. The Crown now has two seasons. (Netflix)

Ten Days in the Valley: Sticking with the drama series, a newer drama with a bit of a crime twist called Ten Days in the Valley. It popped up in 2017, and Crave TV just picked up the first season. Ten Days in the Valley follows television producer, Jane Sadler. A single mom who is in the middle of a messy divorce when her daughter goes missing. Suddenly, she is thrown into a search for her daughter. Who can she trust? Starring Kyra Sedgwick and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. (Crave TV)

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: This crime-dramedy takes you back to the late 20’s in Melbourne, Australia. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, stars Essie Davis as Phryne Fisher, private detective, making her way through the jazz club scene and solving crimes along the way.  Sharp and witty, Miss Fisher gives you a fun mix of drama, crime, and comedy. It is now streaming on Netflix and currently in its third season. (Netflix)

Scandal: If you’re into a little more serious crime-drama, then Scandal is the show for you. The title pretty much explains itself. Scandal comes with a whole mess of scandal. Olivia Pope, fixer extraordinaire, does just that, fixes big problems for the Who’s-Who of Washington D.C., while maintaining her position as White House Advisor and also keeping a big secret of her own. Filled with drama, mystery and government conspiracies. Starring Kerry Washington and Bellamy Young. Scandal will be finishing up its final season in 2018. Netflix is currently streaming all six seasons, with updated episodes of season seven every week. (Netflix)

Outlander: As for the fantasy lovers out there, definitely, check out Outlander. It brings you fantasy with a romantic twist. Claire Randall, an English combat nurse in 1945, mysteriously gets sent back to 1743. There she meets and falls in love with Jamie Fraser. Netflix is currently streaming three seasons, with season four set to be released soon. (Netflix)

Marcella: If you’re into a whodunnit type show that keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat, you should dive into the twisted world of Marcella. Marcella Backland worked for the Metropolitan police before she left to save her marriage, only to have her husband leave her anyway. Suddenly, a case is brought to her attention, tempting her back to work and thrown into an investigation similar to a case she is all too familiar with. Marcella is fresh with twists and turns. Netflix is now streaming two seasons. Marcella stars Anna Friel and Ray Panthanki. (Netflix)

Alias Grace: This next show is set in 19th century Canada. Alias Grace follows Grace Marks whose spent the last 15 years in jail, being accused of murdering the family she served as a maid. She gets pulled out by Dr. Simon Jordan who has been sent in to decide if she should be pardoned on the plea of insanity, or if she is just plain guilty. The problem is, Grace doesn’t remember a thing and Dr. Jordan plans to help her remember. Alias Grace stars Sarah Gadon and Edward Holcroft. Netflix is currently streaming the first season. (Netflix)

Unfortunate Events: For something on the lighter, funnier side, then A Series of Unfortunate Events. This version stars Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf. The three Baudelaire children have gone to live with Count Olaf, after the untimely death of their parents. Together they face villains, trials, and tribulations as they try to uncover their family’s darkest secrets. A Series of Unfortunate Events also stars Patrick Warburton and Malina Weissman and the second season has recently been added to Netflix. (Netflix)

New Shows on Our Radar

Lost in Space: The first season in this Netflix Original was just added on April 13. Lost in Space follows the Robinson family after they have crash landed on an alien planet. Together, they fight to survive and the hidden dangers lurking around this new planet.

Lost in Space stars Mina Sundwall and Molly Parker. (Netflix)

Sense 8: This next show has a bit of a sci-fi twist. The third season of Sense 8 has just been uploaded to Netflix. The show follows eight individuals as they discover they are linked to one another mentally. They need to find a way to survive as they also discover they’re being hunted by a group that believes they are a threat to society. Sense 8 stars Doona Bae and Jamie Clayton. (Netflix)


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