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Corporal Susan Currie Open to Opportunities

When Corporal Susan Currie decided later in life to make a career change and join the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), she had no idea how many doors would open for her.

A nursing assistant by trade Currie knew she wanted to continue in a helping profession.

“I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I joined the air force, or the choices that would be put in front of me. I didn’t know where it would take me, but I was up for an adventure,” said Corporal Currie.

Basic training was not easy for Currie, who was a few years older than the average recruit. She hurt herself on her first go-round, but she refused to give up, passing on her second try.

She believes she was able to make it through because she enjoyed the competition and refused to give up. She was more mature than others on her course.  The fact she had more life experience gave her a broader perspective on the work involved. She used that perspective and maintained an open mind and passed.

Currie began her career in the CAF as a supply technician, a trade she enjoys. Supply Technicians ensure that all of the supplies and services necessary for CAF operations are available when and where they are required. They handle a variety of items such as food, fuel, heavy machinery, spare parts, stationery and clothing.

“There is so much variety in what you can do in military. Once you are in you, get to see that. Also, if you have the drive and the determination you can change trades or try something new. That’s what I’m doing,” said Corporal Currie.

Recently Currie accepted a temporary career change within the CAF. She is going to learn how to be a flight attendant at 8 Wing in Trenton. The posting may last three or more years. Not adverse to change Currie is once again looking forward to the challenge of trying something new.

Flight attendants in the CAF have responsibilities that include passenger comfort and safety. They also handle onboard emergency response and aircraft ancillary, emergency and survival equipment operation. Currie’s in-flight duties will be assigned by the captain or loadmaster of the aircraft, in her case an Airbus A-310.

“I’m looking forward to the responsibility of taking care of troops and equipment on long-range flights overseas. There will be VIP airlifts, NATO and Red Cross transports. It will be a very rewarding job. We could be transporting anyone or anything anywhere. I will learn so much,” said Corporal Currie.

Currie believes the CAF gives members the opportunity to test their personal strengths and then develops those strengths to maximum potential.

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