Second Version of My Transition Guide released

The Canadian Armed Forces recently released the second version of My Transition Guide.

In guiding the transition from military to civilian life, My Transition Guide is a primary reference document for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members.

The CAF Transition Group provides a number of different services and supports, including the My Transition Guide, to help members through a more seamless transition into their post-military lifestyle.

7 Domains of Well-Being

In this guide, the CAF identifies seven domains of well-being that are rudimentary in the new transition process and have provided a framework to help CAF members transition successfully.

“Like any significant life decision, it is truly worth the time, effort and energy to prepare and ultimately make well-informed transition decisions in all domains to ensure members and their families are set up for success,” Captain(N) Adamthwaite, the Director Transition Services and Policy (DTSP) informed.

In the second version of the guide, chapters have been adjusted to reflect the seven domains of well-being better, and a sub-chapter focusing on the family was added.

New Tools

New tools and services were also included throughout: a Decision to Transition Questionnaire, a Road to Civilian Life Transition Checklist, and an example of a Transition Plan to help transition members with all the items needed for their transition.

Adamthwaite designed the My Transition Guide, and the directorate staff put in lots of time and effort to developing and implementing the guide.

Guiding CAF Personnel through Transition 

According to Adamthwaite, the point of the guide is to “identify the steps, procedures and processes, based on the domains of well-being, to ensure that every transitioning member has the tools to progress and realize their transition plan with a positive experience.”

He also noted that self-reflection, planning, and execution are fundamental in a successful and seamless transition to civilian life. Adamthwaite said members are encouraged to think about what they wish to do after their military career comes to a close early on. This is so they can be pragmatically aware of the important aspects associated with that big step.

Adamthwaite expressed, “Being a CAF member brings a sense of belonging, community and purpose. For many, it defines their self-identity. So, leaving the military, especially if a member has served for a long time, can have a significant emotional impact. The guide assists in organizing the elements of transition since they can be somewhat overwhelming.”

More Information

For more information about the recent updates to the Transition Guide, review the following article on the updates to the My Transition Guide visit here.

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